The Coaching Program You Need to Master Selling on Video

One-on-one and group sales coaching for salespeople who want to to build relationships through the screen to connect with virtual customers and drive sales.

Don't Let Your Virtual Sales Skills Cost You the Sale

If you’re like most salespeople lately, you’ve lost a few deals because your on-camera sales skills didn’t hit the mark. The problem is, you didn’t know you were projecting poor on-camera skills – until it was too late.

The truth is, talking to a camera is an unnatural act

If you find it challenging to engage virtually with your buyers and are struggling to build relationships over video calls, you might think selling on video is not even possible.

The good news is...

It is possible to create a near in-person experience with buyers virtually.

And, in this one-on-one coaching package, you will learn the specialized skill set and techniques you need to build extraordinary relationships with customers on video and drive sales.

In less time than it takes to spend your next commission check, we’ll work together to take your on-camera sales skills from bland to brilliant!

All without leaving your desk!

What you Will Learn

Get the Expert Direction & Guidance You Need to Crush You Next Virtual Sales Call

structure your Sales presentation to persuade & prove value

Discover 3 unique ways to open and close your presentation



Master How to adjust your presentation for different audiences

“Julie’s coaching has sharpened my presentation skills, and that is critical in this competitive ad sales environment. Effective communication is key for everything from getting your foot in the door to building rapport and closing the sale. This is best investment that I’ve made for my professional development by far.”

Madelyn Dellere, Senior Account Executive, Fox Television

The process

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Coaching Package Includes

  • Full access to the Virtual Presence for Sales Pros course, including 16  on-demand videos that guide you through how to deliver impactful and engaging virtual presentations, demos or meetings with confidence, credibility and competence. 
  • 60 Minute Live Virtual Coaching Session with Julie for final polishing!
  • Our On-Camera Resource Guide, providing the latest information on what you really need to look and sound your best on-camera, and where to find it!
  • The Camera Ready Cheat Sheet, including 9 powerful tips to help you show up at your best for every video call.
  • Self-evaluation Forms that help you objectively and effectively review your recordings to check your progress and create an ongoing self-improvement plan.