The Great Demo! Skills Workshop

Deliver Game-Changing Sales Demos

Great Demo! skills training helps organizations put the “Wow!” into their demos. Making them effective, crisp, and compelling – to engage and capture audiences within the first six minutes of a demonstration.

If You’re Not “Starting With the Conclusion,” You May Be Losing Deals

Waiting too long to get to the "big reveal" in your sales demo can be devastating. Traditional demos typically follow a linear, end-to-end path going through set-up and a series of workflows before finally getting to end results and reporting.

Stop letting the following issues tank your sales demos:

  • High ranking people are often gone
  • Vendors often run out of time and have to race through their “best stuff”…!
  • Remaining customers have “full brains”
  • If it’s not what the customer had in mind – everyone’s time is wasted

There is a Better way!

Our Great Demo! sales training helps organizations put the “Wow!” into your sales demos, capturing your audience within the first six minutes of the presentation.

Companies that Implement the Great Demo! Methodology Report


Shorter Sales Cycles

Ongoing Cost-of-Sales Reduction by


Sustained Gains of


Or MOre in improved close Rates Overall

Avoid Costly Demo Mistakes

What Your Team Will Learn

In this hands-on workshop, your team will learn critical new skills for engaging busy prospects, tailoring to their needs, and delivering a compelling message that drives the sale forward. 

Align demos with critical business issues

Structure your demo for maximum attention and retention

Create a compelling story with your demo

Tailor your message to your audience

Highlight context and benefits


Smoothly adapt to the unexpected

Avoid demos going to “No Decision”

Out flank the competition

What People are Saying

About the Selling On Video Master Class


Everyone on my team experienced an immediate impact from Julie's expert coaching in both presence and confidence, her guidance is nothing short of expertise.

Andrew Lezon

/ VP Global Partnerships, LivePerson


The training I received from Julie enabled me to adapt stage presentation skills to the screen in preparation for our biggest customer conference to date. The personal one on one consultation was extremely beneficial and helpful to build my confidence for the virtual stage.

Betsie Hoyt

/ Sr. Product Manager, ViewPoint Software


Selling on video elevated our awareness on the importance of lighting, body composition, camera framing and what feels awkward to you, is actually appealing on camera.

Brian Long

/ Mgr., Enterprise Demonstration Team, Motorola

The process

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Start unleashing your executive presence to improve your confidence and influence

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