Master the Art of Building Relationships in a Virtual World

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Learn how to use video to build deeper relationships, sell solutions and enhance your reputation.

Let's Face It

Buyers and Sellers are (Dis)connected on Zoom

One plus years into doing business virtually and sellers are still struggling with:

  • Difficulty building relationships on video calls 
  • Inability to read customer’s body language 
  • Passive virtual audiences 
  • Fewer customers with video on

With a future that includes more virtual interaction, many sellers are asking “Is this as good as it gets?”

I assure you, it is NOT.

It IS possible to create a near in-person experience with buyers virtually. You only have to look at the actors, reporters and virtual presenters who have built a personal connection with their virtual audiences to see that it’s possible.


Learn the unique skill set necessary to build relationships in a virtual or hybrid world.


of all sales professionals surveyed said selling virtually is not as effective as selling in person

Corporate Visions


of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025.

The Gartner Future of Sales 2025 report

It's Time To

Take Your Virtual Sales Calls, Meetings, and Presentations to the Next Level

Our workshops, courses, coaching, and speaking programs provide the unique sales techniques and strategies needed to master the art of connecting with your audience in a virtual sales environment. So you can stop feeling frustrated and awkward, and get back to what you do best... closing more sales!




Establish Credibility


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Fact: Talking to a Camera is an unnatural act

Even actors have to learn techniques to transition successfully from stage to screen. Now, you can learn them too!

In the Selling on Video Master Class, you will learn the specialized skill set and techniques you need to build extraordinary relationships with customers on video and drive sales.

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Learn the Winning Techniques Required to Take on Today's Complex Sales Environment 

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Empower your sales team to excel in a virtual or hybrid world with self-paced video courses,
 or workshops on topics including: virtual or hybrid presentation skills, building relationships and trust on video, storytelling, and developing your "virtual" executive presence.

Sales Coaching

Practice applying virtual skills learned in the Selling On Video Master Class on a real customer pitch,
presentation or demo and receive hands-on coaching, feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Speaking Programs

Motivate and inspire your team with a vision of what’s possible in both a virtual and hybrid selling
world, and empower them with the key sales strategies that will help sellers thrive in both.

Rave Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying


Everyone on my team experienced an immediate impact from Julie's expert coaching in both presence and confidence, her guidance is nothing short of expertise.


/ VP Global Partnerships, LivePerson


Julie Hansen has been a godsend this year. I would never have guessed I would use the word “ZOOM” approximately 1 million times! She acknowledges that the struggle is real. It DOES feel awkward staring at yourself on camera, or ‘acting,’ when being authentic is important to you. It is a necessity today to get your point across in today’s digital visual world.

Linda Kirkpatrick

/ Sr. Solution Consultant, ServiceNow


Julie’s session gave us easy to use insights and concrete steps that could be used immediately! I wholeheartedly recommend Julie, and her workshops for any organization looking for a new and exciting way to jumpstart their sales programs.

Kyle Gjersee

/ SVP, Fitness Together Franchise Group

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