Virtual Presence for Sales Pros

Turn your team's video outreach into a
lead-generating powerhouse
with professional on-camera techniques.

Lights, Camera, Prospect Training for creating videos that get watched -  and open doors!

How Will Your Team Compete for Buyer’s Attention?

Vidyard, 2023

Video outreach can be a game-changer in sales, but prospects are quicker to hit "delete" with the wave of prospecting videos they're receiving. Many sellers are still on the sidelines,
 and others are frustrated because they’re not seeing results. 

You've invested in video platforms, tools and technology.  You've probably even provided training on scripts, cadence, subject lines and personalization.  

What's missing?? 

Prospecting with Video has more in Common with "Acting" than "Selling"

Tools and technology training, even great content, is  just table stakes in the  competitive world of video outreach.  What's missing?  
The Human connection salespeople must make through the camera. 

It's like casting an untrained actor in the lead role of your movie!

The good news is: Your team can now master these techniques, too.

Our Process for recording compelling videos that spark curiosity, convey credibility and drive action with busy prospects:

What You Have to Gain:

Reduced time spent creating, memorizing and recording scripts

Improved watch time with high-impact first impression

Increased seller confidence = increase in productivity and engagement

Improved response rates on your CTA

Maximizing your video tool investment

Lights, Camera, Prospect Training Will Transform Your Prospecting Efforts!

  • Pre-course Assessment for tailored results
  • Personal coaching and feedback for participants
  • Proven on-camera techniques and practices
  • Professional Self-Evaluation Forms, Exercises and Script Templates 

Training includes "Live" small-group virtual practice sessions, individual feedback, on-demand skills videos, assessments and tools”


The Audition: Identifying Your Potential

  • Sellers submit a recent video to serve as a baseline for progress
  • Personalized assessment of your script, virtual Stage and delivery 
  • Meet your instructor and a preview of what’s ahead!


Create a Camera-Ready Script

  • Winning the battle for attention and credibility: elements and structure
  • Script Analysis: Where are you losing your audience?
  • Break your script into actionable “beats”
  • Create a dialogue, not a monologue


Develop Your Screen Presence

  • Why you appear flat and uninterested on camera
  • Convey credibility, confidence and charisma in 7 seconds 
  • Unleashing your personality on camera on camera
  • Movement that enhances your message - rather than distracts


Record Secrets for a Compelling Video

  • The art of talking to a camera" Breaking the Fourth Wall:  
  • Leverage the power of intention to inspire prospect action
  • Scale video personalization
  • Maximize your recording time


Director's Notes: 

  • Receive final personal assessment and mark progress
  •  Identify areas for improvement and personal action plan
  •  Template and tools to build, practice and evaluate future videos 


Encore: Additional Lights, Camera, Prospect Topics

  • The art of reading from a teleprompter or app 
  • Leveraging different types of scripts 
  • Working with props and "action" shots 

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