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Influence with Confidence, Credibility, and Clarity
on Camera 

Executive Presence is vital, whether you're in person, in a virtual meeting, or communicating on video. But the skills necessary for each medium are very different. Applying traditional in-person skills to a virtual environment is doomed to fail. Specialized Virtual Executive Presence training provides you with the unique on-camera skills you need to lead, inspire and influence in a virtual and hybrid world. 

How Does Virtual Executive Presence Differ?

"I know it when I see it."
That's what most people say about executive presence. However, many of the signals that convey executive presence  in person — like confidence, credibility, leadership, transparency, and empathy — are distorted, minimized or obscured  by the camera.  And virtual audiences and meeting participants are much more passive and more difficult to read than they are in person.  

If you want to win the ears, eyes and engagement of your virtual audience, you can’t afford to be in the dark about how you are perceived on their screen. And whether you are sending off signals that say “trust me” or “proceed with caution.”

Expand your influence with  
Virtual executive presence training

Learn how to adapt your natural communication and leadership style to be a more effective leader in virtual meetings, one-on-one conversations, and videos.  Find out how to speak with confidence on camera - whether you can see your audience or not!  Discover how to stop sabotaging your credibility and quickly build trust with participants.  And learn how to create a human connection with your audience and make others feel seen, heard and understood in a virtual world.  

Elevate Your Virtual Executive Presence

Created by on-camera professionals and delivered by an award-winning executive presence coach, our executive presence training, coaching and practice provides you with the specialized skillset you need to Influence on video and in virtual meetings.  Both group training workshops and private coaching available. 

If you want to lead and influence more effective in a virtual environment, this program is for you!

Increase Your influence in conversations, presentations and meetings

Establish credibility with your audience

Enhance your natural speaking voice to support your message

Adapt your delivery for virtual audiences

Gain audience buy-in from small or large groups

convey confidence and clarity on video 


What Participants are Saying


I loved the supportive atmosphere coupled with helpful, constructive criticism.

Christina H

/ BDR Manager


Identifying the words that undermine was extremely eye opening. I plan to share these with my team moving forward. This course opened my eyes to the difference between sharing for the sake of value and sharing just to fill space.

Jamie G

/ BD Manager


I’ve never been given such useful tools and exercises to bring power to my words.

Richie M

/ Regional Sales Manager

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