Executive Presence Workshop

Influence with Confidence, Credibility, and Clarity

Communicate with greater confidence, presence and influence in a variety of high-stakes scenarios, whether it’s motivating the team, selling to the C-Suite, presenting to the board, or appearing on camera.

Don't Risk Losing Your Seat at the Decision Makers Table

The unfortunate reality is most salespeople and sales leaders are unaware that a lack of executive presence is stifling their career growth. Without the ability to successfully influence others, your sales or leadership career will be short-lived.

improve your executive presence And you Will improve your influence

The good news is, executive presence is something you can learn, and master with practice and guidance. While it may seem like some people “just get it” when it comes to their presence, it's actually something that they’ve probably worked on to achieve. And you can too!

Ready to Unleash Your Executive Presence?

This hands-on Workshop provides participants with the tools, practice and individual feedback they need to develop their Executive Presence and Influence. Participants receive multiple opportunities to practice more effective communication skills and receive the on-the-spot coaching necessary to produce change.

If you are looking to develop your presence and influence by leveraging key principles of performance, science and leadership while learning to successfully navigate a variety of business situations, then this course is for you!

Increase Your influence in conversations, presentations and meetings

Establish credibility with your audience

Enhance your natural speaking voice to support your message

Adapt your delivery for virtual audiences

Gain audience buy-in from small or large groups

Develop and close more sales opportunities


What Participants are Saying


I loved the supportive atmosphere coupled with helpful, constructive criticism.

Christina H

/ BDR Manager


Identifying the words that undermine was extremely eye opening. I plan to share these with my team moving forward. This course opened my eyes to the difference between sharing for the sake of value and sharing just to fill space.

Jamie G

/ BD Manager


I’ve never been given such useful tools and exercises to bring power to my words.

Richie M

/ Regional Sales Manager

The process

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Start unleashing your executive presence to improve your confidence and influence

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5 Ways to Improve Your Executive Presence

If you improve your executive presence, you improve your influence. In this free guide get five
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