virtual Executive Presence training

Elevate Your Influence: Unlock the Power of Virtual Executive Presence 

Do you need a title to convince others you’re a leader? Are you the genius in the room, but somehow, your brilliance doesn't shine through to others? Are you struggling to secure a seat at the table?

If you're nodding along, it's time to face the truth: a lack of Virtual Executive Presence may be holding you back.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

In today's world, even seasoned leaders and sellers are discovering that their in-person charisma doesn't effortlessly transition to the virtual world. Executive Presence, that elusive quality that includes confidence, credibility, transparency, and empathy, is the key to success. But here's the catch– the camera distorts, minimizes, and obscures many of the vital signals that convey these qualities.

What Vanishes
in a Virtual World:

  •  80% of your powerful nonverbal body language
  • All the in-person energy that once fueled your presence
  • Expressions and active listening cues that engage your audience
  • Confidence derived from real-time interactions
  • The ability to read your audience's body language
  • The electric energy and interaction from your live audience

    Adapting to this virtual landscape is crucial. To thrive in high-stakes selling and
    leadership, you need VIRTUAL EXECUTIVE PRESENCE.

Elevate Your Virtual Executive Presence

Our Virtual Executive Presence training is tailored exclusively to equip you with the essential on-camera skills needed to lead, inspire, and influence successfully in the virtual and hybrid world. Developed by on-camera professionals and delivered by an award-winning executive presence coach, our training, coaching, and seminars will arm you with the specialized skillset required to be a more effective leader and influencer in virtual meetings, conversations, and recorded videos.

You'll learn how to successfully:

Increase Your influence in virtual conversations, presentations and meetings

Quickly build trust with virutal audiences

Connect and Engage with Your Audience  - whether you can see them or not!


Make others feel seen, heard and understood
in often disconnected virtual meetings

Increase engagement and interaction wtih  passive virtual audiences 


What Participants are Saying


A unique, holistic approach to improving your virtual executive presence – not only for sales, but also to lead without authority. The combination of self-paced learning and one-on-one coaching is truly effective as it provides the tactics you need to communicate successfully on-camera and the opportunity to practice and receive feedback. I can already see the difference this training is making in my virtual communications.

Jean-Philippe Lombardi



As many of our sales happen virtually now, these skills cannot be overlooked. From our most seasoned presales people to our newest, everyone walked away with tips and pointers. The presales team are already reporting having greater connections with the buying audience. Giving our team the tools to make these small adjustments has already had an impact and will continue to help us sell into the future.

Lori Payne

/ V.P. Global Solutions Consulting, BlackLine


Connecting with customers and employees through video conferencing has become critical to how many of us conduct business. The training I received from Julie enabled me to adapt stage presentation skills to the screen in preparation for our biggest customer conference to date. The personal one on one consultation was extremely beneficial and helpful to build my confidence for the virtual stage.

Betsie hoyt

/ Senior Product Manager, ViewPoint

Virtual EXECUTIVE PResence Training

Ready to Unlock Your True Leadership Potential?

Discover how to enhance your Virtual Executive Presence and  and become the influential leader or seller you're destined to be!  Both group and private coaching options are available.