Workshops & Courses

Build Trusted Relationships on Video to Drive Sales

Our workshops provide the specialized skills to help sellers build trust and value-based relationships virtually, whether meeting with buyers, delivering presentations or demos, or collaborating with team members.

Selling on Video Master Class

Are You Projecting Uncertainty and Doubt to Your Customers?

Even top sales professionals struggle to connect and convey credibility on remote calls -- and to have their message remembered after the buyer rushes on to their next call!

Our Selling on Video Master Class provides expert guidance from on-camera professionals that will enhance your credibility, improve your impact, and foster a "near in-person experience" with customers.

Present Like a Virtual Sales Pro!

Don't let weak virtual presentation skills cost you the sale. Its time to turn passive audiences into engaged participants!

The truth is, people are more passive on video. How do you make sure that your presentation or demo is remembered – and acted upon — after you sign off? Sellers must build and deliver their presentations with the new realities and demands of virtual buyers in mind.

Unleash the Great Virtual Presenter within your Sales Team through this unique and highly interactive Workshop based on key principles of performance and behavioral science.

Great Demo! Skills Workshop

Want to learn how to deliver game-changing sales demos?

Our Great Demo! Skills Workshops help organizations put the “Wow!” into their demos. Making them effective, crisp, and compelling – to engage and capture audiences within the first six minutes of a demonstration.

In this hands-on workshop, your team will learn critical new skills for engaging busy prospects, tailoring to their needs, and delivering a compelling message that drives the sale forward.

Executive Presence

Don't risk losing your seat at the decision makers table. Improve your executive presence, and you will improve your influence.

If you are looking to develop your presence and influence by leveraging key principles of performance, science and leadership while learning to successfully navigate a variety of business situations, then this course is for you!

This hands-on Workshop provides participants with the tools, practice and individual feedback they need to develop their Executive Presence and Influence. Participants receive multiple opportunities to practice more effective communication skills and receive the on-the-spot coaching necessary to produce change.