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Look Me In The Eye:

Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners, and Teams

Are you tired of endless blank faces staring back at you on video calls? Do you miss the ease of connecting with people in-person? Do you wish you could create that same experience virtually?

Then, good news... This book is for you!

"In the future, will you be spending more time on camera or less? The honest and obvious answer is more, so we can't just show up. We must be intentional. What Julie provides here is expert advice - some of it counterintuitive, much of it overlooked, and all of it practical - to help you connect with people in more meaningful and memorable ways."

Ethan Beute

Chief Evangelist, BombBomb

Co-author, Rehumanize Your Business and Human-Centered Communication

Meaningful relationships on Video Lead to

Greater Sales, Improved Collaboration, & Increased Productivity

In Look Me In The Eye, you’ll learn the inside secrets from on-camera professionals, like actors, reporters, and influencers to building more meaningful relationship on video that lead to greater sales, improved collaboration, and increased productivity.

In addition to the physical distance created by virtual communications, there is a gaping emotional divide that stretches between you and your customer, straining existing relationships and keeping new ones from getting past you’re on mute.

What You Will Learn

Look Me In The Eye reveals the five essential qualities for relationship-building that are missing on video, like empathy and credibility, and shows you how to ensure they are communicated to your audience for better rapport and understanding.

You’ll learn how the camera reads and the customer interprets your behavior on video, and how to successfully adapt to these new realities to avoid misunderstanding, miscommunication, and missed connections.

You’ll learn specific techniques to:

  • Build and strengthen relationships with eye contact, gestures, and active listening.
  • Convey credibility, authenticity, and empathy through expression and intonation.
  • Turn passive observers on your call into active participants.
  • Read and more accurately interpret body language on video.
  • Engage in dynamic two-way conversations, whether your customer is on video or not.
  • Maintain engagement with your audience while managing slides, screens, scripts participants, and tools.

Close the Virtual Gap

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