Move Past Boring, Mutually Unrewarding Video Calls

Look Me In The Eye

Voted "Top Sales Book of 2021" by Top Sales Awards, In Look Me In The Eye, will give you the inside secrets from on-camera professionals, like actors, reporters, and influencers to building more meaningful relationship on video that lead to greater sales, improved collaboration, and increased productivity.

Jill Konrath | Author of SNAP Selling & More Sales Less Time

Virtual selling is a highly competitive and increasingly difficult arena in which to differentiate, be heard, and connect with others. Julie Hansen goes well beyond the basics and provides a roadmap to building relationships that drive sales on video.

  • Build and strengthen relationships with eye contact, gestures, and active listening.
  • Convey credibility, authenticity, and empathy through expression and intonation.
  • Turn passive observers on your call into active participants.
  • Read and more accurately interpret body language on video.
  • Engage in dynamic two-way conversations, whether your customer is on video or not.
  • Maintain engagement with your audience while managing slides, screens, scripts participants, and tools.


"In the future, will you be spending more time on camera or less? The honest and obvious answer is more, so we can't just show up. We must be intentional. What Julie provides here is expert advice - some of it counterintuitive, much of it overlooked, and all of it practical - to help you connect with people in more meaningful and memorable ways."

Act Like a Sales Pro

Learn the Actor’s Secrets for Delivering a Winning Sales Presentation or Demo!

A practical step-by-step guide full of unique strategies and examples from your favorite actors, comedians and the movies for gaining the performance advantage in presentations and throughout every stage of the sales cycle.

  • Capture audience attention in those critical first  seconds
  • Command the sales stage with presence and confidence
  • Breathe life into stale sales scripts and dull business terminology
  • Master a proven blockbuster formula for engaging your audience
  • Overcome stage fright with the actor’s secret weapon
  • Leverage the power of your voice and body to engage your audience
  • Use props to support your message and increase retention
  • Master simple improv techniques to adapt to changing conditions

Dessie Fafoutis Senior Marketing Manager, Terumo BCT

You’ll soon be outperforming and outselling your competition

"ACT Like a Sales Pro! brilliantly blends acting and improv skills with sales tactics for a winning combination. Julie’s ideas are great fun, effective and easy to apply –even for non-actors like me! Follow the sales advice and exercises in this book and you’ll soon be outperforming and outselling your competition."

Sales Presentations for Dummies

Your Customers Have Changed. It's Time Your Presentations Did Too.

Get the critical new skills necessary for crafting and delivering a winning sales presentation that engages and persuades today’s busy prospects.

Jonathan Farrington CEO Top Sales World, Author, Sales Futurist

This superb new book from one of the leading experts in the world on the subject, provides a step by step map for success.

  • Master a proven blockbuster formula for engaging your audience
  • Organize your presentation around value
  • Leverage the power of storytelling to connect and soften resistance
  • Use customer insights to make a compelling case for your solution
  • Build an an opening that gains attention and buy-in
  • Improve interaction and engagement in your presentation
  • Discover what tools are winning the war for attention

Jill Konrath Bestselling author of Agile Selling, Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling

If you want to shorten your sales cycles and increase your win rate, get this book.

Nancy Bleeke Founder Sales Pro Insider and author of Conversations that Sell

Sales Presentations for Dummies takes any guess work out of preparing and delivering information to anyone.

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