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The “Missing” Virtual Selling Skills You Need Today

Customers today are being bombarded with vendor video calls – a never-ending parade of missed connections, bad lighting, worse eye contact, extreme close-ups, and awkward pauses or long-winded monologues. 

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The result?  Sellers are losing deals they would have won if they were in-person.  Leaders are losing connection and influence with their teams.  Simply because they do not have the specific skills required to connect, build trust and influence on video.

These otherwise good sellers lack the virtual screen presence know how required to connect with customers on video and project confidence, credibility and empathy – leaving the door wide open to competitors who do.

We provide those missing virtual selling and communication skills for building relationships and influence on video.

“Technology can’t build a relationship for you. To bridge the virtual gap between sellers and buyers you need a new skillset.”

Julie Hansen, Founder and Author of the award winning book: 
 'look me in the eye: using video to build relationships with customers, partners and teams'

Hi, I'm Julie Hansen

Are you frustrated with the inability to connect deeply with your customers over video? Do you feel like you’re talking into a black hole? Are you worried you could lose deals you know you would have won had you been selling in person?

In light of our rapidly changing marketplace, today's salespeople have been quickly trained to adopt new tools, new platforms and fresh messaging they need succeed in a virtual world. Unfortunately, most are left using trial and error to figure out how to use video to connect with customers and build relationships.

I get it how overwhelming this can feel!

As an actor struggling to transition from the stage to screen I felt the same way early in my career. My first few auditions were disasters.

I didn’t make a single dollar until I enrolled in some on-camera training and learned the techniques necessary to really connect with other people through the camera. Soon I was booking roles in national television commercials, films and television shows, including HBO’s “Sex and the City.”

My online courses and workshops were designed to help sellers like you apply the proven video techniques used in film, television, and broadcasting, to the practicalities of selling in a virtual world.

So you can stop struggling to connect with your customers over video, and get back to closing more sales!

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