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PreSales Leadership

Poll Results and Insights on
"Virtual Effectiveness with Customers"

What Presales Leaders Beliefs Tell us about the State of Virtual Effectiveness in Presales

With the preponderance of customer interactions taking place virtually, we asked Presales leaders to weigh in on how they thought their team was performing virtually vs. in person in customer during interactions, like virtual demos and discovery calls.

And the results were…surprising!

By understanding leader’s perception of their teams' effectiveness in virtual meetings compared to in-person settings, we were able to uncover insights that can inform strategies for improving virtual presales performance.

Some Key Insights...


Leadership role played  a vital part in how leader's viewed their team's virtual performance. 


Even those who voted "yes" (virtual interactions were as effective as in-person), expressed the significant loss of nuanced virtual communication.


Ultimately, are we settling for too little from our virtual interactions?

Read the report and you decide!

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