The Selling on Video Master Class
for OneMob Users!

Want to create more compelling videos that get watched...and acted upon?  

Want to convey greater confidence and credibility on camera? 

Want to appear as engaging and natural as you are in person, on video?

Learn the professional on-camera techniques not taught in virtual sales training classes guaranteed to help you stand out on video with today's busy audiences!    

Are You as Confident, Credible or Compelling on Video - As You Are in Person? 

If the answer is "No," you are not alone.  

There is nothing “natural” about speaking to a camera! That’s why actors have developed specific techniques for connecting with virtual audiences.

If you struggle with these challenges, we can help: 

  • Talking to a camera like it's a real person 
  • Maintaining natural eye contact with the camera 
  • Knowing what to do with your hands or your face 
  • Appearing natural and  engaging on video
  • Looking or sounding confident and credible on camera
  • Nerves before your recording or call 
  • Reviewing yourself on video in a constructive way
  • Coming across as energetic as you do in person

STOP Practicing on prospects!

Your time is valuable, and so is that of your prospects.  Spending it creating videos that don't get watched is a waste of your time, and a lost opportunity.  Stop trying to reinvent the wheel through trial and error. Take the time now to learn the on-screen skills proven to work with virtual audiences and developed by professional actors over several decades.  

Leap miles ahead of your competition, and be a more effective, and more efficient virtual seller!   

You'll Learn How To:

Create eye contact through the camera

Deliver your message naturally and impactfully on video

Appear confident and credible

Gesture and move within your “frame”

Read listener body language while staying attentive

Quickly create professional background and lighting

Increase audience interaction and responsiveness

Seamlessly transition between camera, notes and slides

Channel nerves into positive energy

Close more virtual sales!

What People are Saying

About the Selling On Video Master Class


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and a few enhancements have made a big difference I believe; I have used them on presentations via Zoom and my audience has said the presentation was very good and our interaction was excellent.

Jeff Parker

/ Senior Territory Manager, Shield Healthcare


The training I received from Julie enabled me to adapt stage presentation skills to the screen in preparation for our biggest customer conference to date. The personal one on one consultation was extremely beneficial and helpful to build my confidence for the virtual stage.

Betsie Hoyt

/ Sr. Product Manager, ViewPoint Software


Selling on video elevated our awareness on the importance of lighting, body composition, camera framing and what feels awkward to you, is actually appealing on camera.

Brian Long

/ Mgr., Enterprise Demonstration Team, Motorola

Selling on video Course options

Here's What You'll Get

All course options include the 12 Video Master Class where you'll be introduced to the  techniques and be guided on how to practice and evaluate yourself on video.  Options include  having your video reviewed and professionally evaluated, or a "live" virtual coaching session for practice and feedback in the moment. Click below to find the program that's right for you!

The Master Class Video Series

12 videos with guided exercises to help you master the technique of selling on-camera.

The Selling On Video Cheat Sheet

Nine powerful tips to help you show up at your best for every video call.

Resource Guide and Tools

Cameras, lighting, background, microphones – the latest information on what you really need to look and sound your best on-camera, and where to find it! 

Self Evaluation Forms

Without specific behaviors to evaluate yourself on, it's easy to go down a rabbit hole of negative self talk. Our Self-Evaluation forms guide you to review your performance on specific video criteria and create an ongoing self-improvement plan. 

Individual feedback

Many sellers benefit from a professional, objective review.  In Act 2, I'll review up to 10 minutes of your video and provide a 20 point personalized evaluation, highlighting areas for improvement.

Live Virtual Coaching Session

Changing established behavior can be difficult - especially with often counter-intuitive virtual communication skills!  In Act 3 you'll bring a script or presentation to our coaching call and I'll help you get it performance ready!

Course Pricing

Out-perform your competition, before they out-perform you!


297 Regularly

$99* OneMob

  • The Full Master Class Video Series
  • On-Camera Resource Guide
  • Camera Ready Cheat Sheet
  • Self-evaluation Forms


497 Regularly

$299* OneMob

  • Everything in Act One, plus
  • Personalized 20-point evaluation
    of you on-camera


797 Regularly

$599* OneMob

  • Everything in Act One, plus
  • 60 Minute Live Virtual Coaching Session with Julie for final polishing!

*With Code:  OneMob1  (subject to availability)

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