Virtual Presence for Sales Pros by Sales Pros

Make powerful connections with virtual buyers. 
Project confidence and credibility, and increase engagement and results by learning proven techniques developed by  on-camera sales and performance professionals. 

  • 16 On-Demand Videos  On-Demand
  •  2.5 Hours of Specialized Content Plus Exercises
  • Resource Guides, and Self-Evaluation Forms
  • Optional Personal Virtual Presence Assessment
  • Optional "Live" One-on-One Coaching

"This Course is a Game Changer"* 

"I recently completed Julie Hansen’s "Virtual Presence for Sales Pros".
It changed the game for me and my virtual on-camera presence.

It's packed full of quick and actionable steps to elevate your on-line presence enabling you to deliver your content with even greater impact."

*Rob Fegan, Founder and CEO

  • Better connection with your audience and greater sense of trust and loyalty.
  • Enhanced credibility makes your message more convincing and compelling.
  • Greater presence makes your customer feel seen, heard and understood.
  • Increased engagement with normally passive virtual audiences leads to better interaction and results.
  • Greater differentiation makes you stand out in a competitive selling environment.
  • Improved presence makes you appear more competent, confident, and credible.

What does your 20% say?

The virtual world eliminates 80% of your body language, flattens you (and your energy) like a pancake and distorts, magnifies and misses many of the nonverbal signals that convey confidence, credibility, attentiveness, and empathy.  Do you know what your 20% is saying?

In sales, you can't afford to be in the dark about how your audience sees you on their screen! 

what you'll learn

The 16 videos below guide you through all of the skills you need to to build your Virtual Presence and communicate more effectively on camera. Each video includes proven techniques based on screen acting principles, examples of their use in typical sales scenarios,  and guided exercises to practice applying them immediately to your own virtual presentations, demos, conversations or recordings.

Self-evaluations tools will help you gauge your progress through the course and identify areas for improvement.  Ready to get started? Scroll to the bottom for course options. 

Creating eye contact through the camera

Delivering your message naturally and impactfully on video

Conveying confidence and credibility on camera

Talking to people who have their camera off

Using Camera, lights, sound and backgrounds to enhance your virtual presence

Increasing audience engagement and responsiveness

Seamlessly transition between camera, notes and slides

Finding Energy and authenticity

on camera

reading customer body language and what it means

Expressing yourself authentically on camera


Channeling nerves into positive screen presence

What People are Saying

About Virtual Presence for Sales Pros 


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and a few enhancements have made a big difference I believe; I have used them on presentations via Zoom and my audience has said the presentation was very good and our interaction was excellent.

Jeff Parker

/ Senior Territory Manager, Shield Healthcare


The training I received from Julie enabled me to adapt stage presentation skills to the screen in preparation for our biggest customer conference to date. The personal one-on-one consultation was extremely beneficial and helpful to build my confidence for the virtual stage.

Betsie Hoyt

/ Sr. Product Manager, ViewPoint Software


This course elevated my team's awareness on the importance of lighting, body composition, camera framing and what feels awkward to you, is actually appealing on camera.

Brian Long

/ Mgr., Enterprise Demonstration Team, Motorola

Virtual Presence Program options and Pricing

Start Improving your Virtual Credibility, confidence and Competence Today!



  • 16 On-Demand Videos (2.25 hrs) of techniques and guided practice
  • On-Camera Resource Guide
  • Self-Evaluation Forms to monitor progress



  • 16 On-Demand Videos (2.25 hrs) of techniques and guided practice
  • 20-point Personal Virtual Assessment  Report 
  • On-Camera Resource Guide
  • Self Evaluation Forms to monitor progress
  • Copy of "Look Me in the Eye"



  • 16 On-Demand Videos (2.25 hrs) of techniques and guided practice
  • 60-Minute "Live" Virtual Coaching and Practice Session with Julie
  • 20-point Personal Virtual Assessment Report 
  • On-Camera Resource Guide
  • Self Evaluation Forms to monitor progress
  • Copy of "Look Me in the Eye"

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