Virtual Presence for Sales Pros

Virtual Presence for Sales Pros

Amplify your credibility, captivate your customers and expand your influence to close more sales, faster.

A proven, professional on-camera method now available on-demand for individual salespeople and leaders

10,000+ salespeople have benefitted from these skills — and you can too!

"From Our Most Seasoned Presales People to Our Newest, Everyone Walked Away with Powerful Tips and Pointers."

Lori Payne, V.P. Global Solutions, Blackline

"The presales team felt inspired to continue practicing and are already reporting having greater connections with the buying audience. Giving our team the tools to make these small adjustments has already had an impact and will continue to help us sell into the future."

"This Course is a Game Changer!"

Rob Fegan, Venvito

"It changed the game for me and my virtual on-camera presence. It's packed full of quick and actionable steps to elevate your online and camera presence enabling you to deliver your content with an even greater impact."

Why are you here? 

I bet you’ve got a few virtual meetings under your belt.  You’ve probably also had a “virtual selling” class (or two) where they told you: 
“Look at the camera!  Be more confident! Have more energy!”

You may have even tried to translate this vague advice into meaningful actions and seen little - if any - impact on your bottom line.

You’ve honed your messaging, fine-tuned your cadence, picked up the latest tools. And so have your competitors.

The result?

You’re getting fewer meetings. And you’re not converting those that you do get.

The truth is you've never been taught the unique skills for quickly connecting, building trust, engagement and interest on camera. And you will continue to struggle and lose out to competitors until you do. 

I know what that's like, both as an actor, and a salesperson. And I don't want it to happen to you. 

That’s why I put together this Course. It's based on proven on-camera principles and human psychology.  

You'll get specific steps to take, proven exercises to practice, and personalized feedback to ignite your virtual sales potential and effortlessly close deals faster.

"This Course Gave Me the Tools and the Confidence to Present Over Zoom"

Ted Heiman, Enterprise Cyber-Security Specialist

"I was really struggling with the new normal. I was having a challenging time making eye contact during web meetings and I felt disconnected from my customers. I dreaded first meetings with new prospects because I was not able to read the room. No good vibes. No bad vibes. No feedback. I found it harder to get enthusiastic while presenting via the web. Julie helped me fix all of these challenges and helped me to communicate better with my clients."

"It's Making a Positive Difference in Closing Deals"

Cyndi Rollinson, Blackline

"I wanted to let you know what great success I've been having using my camera during my presentations! My boss is very impressed with how well I maintain eye contact throughout the demo. I also feel more connected to the audience if you can even imagine that. I think it is making a positive difference in closing deals."

Psst… Are you as Credible and Impactful on camera as you are in person?

Now, more than ever, you can’t afford to be in the dark about how your customer perceives you on their screen! 

Like the tip of the iceberg, your customer forms an impression of you, your company, and your product from the 20% of you they can see on their screen.  

Unfortunately, most salespeople have no idea what their 20% is communicating or understand how the camera distorts or misreads signals that typically convey confidence, credibility, attentiveness and empathy.

In this Course you’ll learn how your audience experiences you on their screen and how to avoid costly bad impressions and miscommunication that lead to lost deals.

By the end of this course

you will:

Win More Meetings

Master the art of the virtual first impression to immediately spark interest, convey credibility, confidence and competence - and win more first and second meetings.

Elevate Your Influence 

Learn to command respect and effortlessly gain the trust of your prospects. Find your most influential presence that will inspire confidence and gain faster audience buy-in.

Conquer the C-Suite: Speak with Confidence and Engage Top Execs

Fearlessly face top executives, large groups, or blank screens with proven strategies for confidently conveying your ideas with conviction and “reading the room.”

Increase Buyer Engagement and Interaction

Transform typically passive virtual audiences into active participants with techniques proven to increase response rates by as much as 90%.

Elevate to Trusted Advisor: Cultivate Deep Connections and Foster Customer Loyalty

Become a trusted advisor, not just another sales rep. Develop deep connections and loyalty through 10 trust-building strategies on video, while avoiding credibility crushers.

Harness Emotion for Higher Close Rates

Decode the unique power of on-camera body language, voice modulation, and facial expressions to leverage emotion for impactful communication and better closing rates.

Virtual Presence for Sales Pros Will Transform Your Business!

  • 16 Cutting Edge Videos
  • 100's of Tactics and Tips
  • Professional Self-Evaluation Forms and Tools
  • PLUS – Personal Assessments and One-on-One Coaching (With "Pro" and "Mastery" Levels)

What People are Saying

About Virtual Presence for Sales Pros 


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and a few enhancements have made a big difference I believe; I have used them on presentations via Zoom and my audience has said the presentation was very good and our interaction was excellent.

Jeff Parker

/ Senior Territory Manager, Shield Healthcare


The training I received from Julie enabled me to adapt stage presentation skills to the screen in preparation for our biggest customer conference to date. The personal one-on-one consultation was extremely beneficial and helpful to build my confidence for the virtual stage.

Betsie Hoyt

/ Sr. Product Manager, ViewPoint Software


This course elevated my team's awareness on the importance of lighting, body composition, camera framing and what feels awkward to you, is actually appealing on camera.

Brian Long

/ Mgr., Enterprise Demonstration Team, Motorola

What's Inside the

Virtual Presence for Sales Pros Course

Whichever level you choose, you'll have access to all videos powerful16 videos with 100's of proven tactics, exercises and tools to grow your virtual presence and influence! A few highlights...


From Stage to Screen: The Seller’s Virtual Challenge

  • What is Virtual Presence – and why it matters
  • New skills for a new medium
  • Meet your instructor and a preview of what’s ahead!
  • Establish your Virtual Presence baseline


Virtual Presence Unleashed: Your Key Sales Advantage

  • Bring your words and ideas to life with Screen Presence
  • Convey confidence, competence and charisma without saying a word
  • Discover how your audience perceives you on their screen
  • Turning your camera into a relationship-building asset


Mastering Energy and Authenticity on Camera

  • Why you appear flat and uninterested on camera
  • Harnessing the power of energy to connect with your audience
  • The difference between being “natural” and “comfortable” on camera
  • Finding your peak energy state for maximum personality and engagement


Setting your Virtual Stage

  • Professional staging tips for a near in-person experience
  • Camera and mic positioning with multiple screens
  • Natural backgrounds vs. virtual
  • Lighting that allows your virtual presence to shine


Maximize your Presence with Professional Framing Tips

  • Personal Space and framing: Why it matters
  • The Medium Close up vs. the Extreme Close-up
  • Camera angles and how they affect your status
  • Look immediately engaged with the “Camera-Ready” position


Key Principles of Eye Contact on Camera

  • Convey confidence, credibility and interest with eye contact
  • Making your audience feel seen and heard by “Breaking the 4th Wall”
  • 5 steps for making eye contact with the camera easier
  • Types of eye contact that reduce your credibility and impact


Speaking to People Who Are Not on Camera

  • Typical reactions to prospects not on camera that sabotage your success
  • Confidence boosters for when you are the only one on camera
  • No feedback? No problem: Using the “Act as if” method to build rapport
  • Manage your emotions and responses by leveraging the power of imagination


Specific Camera Strategies for Boosting Credibility and Interaction

  • 3 times when you really, really need to look at the camera
  • Expressing Active Listening via direct eye contact
  • How to hit your mark in the camera…every time
  • How to achieve soft, personal eye contact with each person in your meeting


Reading Your Audience on Camera

  • Micro and Macro check-ins with your audience …and when to use them
  • How to harness your peripheral vision to stay engaged
  • “Sneak Peek” opportunities: When to take a closer look without the disconnect
  • Set up tips that make it easier to view your audience and the camera


Interpreting and Responding to Buyer Behavior

  • Understanding on-screen vs. in-person behavior to avoid panic and unnecessary check-ins
  • Decoding commonly misinterpreted on-screen behaviors
  • Different types of eye contact and what they mean
  • A guide for when to respond to virtual behavior


Movement Matters: Amplifying Your Message on Camera

  • 5 principles of effective movement on camera
  • Why “no movement” can backfire on camera
  • How to adapt your movements for the frame
  • Using clear, specific and purposeful movement


Using Gestures to Support Your Message

  • Defining Video-Friendly Gestures
  • 5 different types of gestures and when to use them on a sales call
  • Repetitive or distracting gestures to avoid
  • Cultural differences in movement


Expressing Emotion for Trust and Building Relationships

  • If your face has nothing to say, why are you on camera??
  • Resting Business Face: how to avoid this common on-screen expression
  • Types of authentic expression that connects you with buyers
  • How to fire up under-used expressive and emotive muscles


Ramp Up Virtual Engagement and Interaction

  • Why prospects are more passive on camera
  • Master the Power Pause with confidence
  • A simple two-step process to increase the response rate to your question by 90%
  • Rethinking your slides for greater interaction


Mastering Slides, Notes, and Scripts on Camera

  • How to stay connected while sharing content in virtual meetings
  • Avoid losing your buyer during awkward transitions
  • What you need to know before you consider a teleprompter or app
  • The Pause, Script, Camera technique for smoothly accessing notes


A Roadmap for Your Continued Progress

  • Leveraging your new competitive advantage
  • Measure how much your Virtual Presence has improved!
  • The Practice, Evaluate, Record method for continued improvement

Transform Your Presence (and ROI) Faster

Upgrade to the PRO or Mastery Package to Get these 3 Amazing Bonuses

Free One-Year Membership in the “RateMyZoom” Club
($597 value)

Manage your First impression all year long!  New camera or office? Change your background or lighting?  Receive free professional feedback on any changes in your Virtual Setup for a full year!  

Copy of "Look Me In the Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships"

($17 value)

The award-winning "how to" book serves as an amazing resource and reference for your work during the course - and after! 

The Top 10 Virtual Credibility Crushers - and Trust Builders

($97 value)

Building trust is one of the biggest challenges on video!  My most popular guide will help you eliminate the Top 10 Credibility Crushers and replace them with Trust-building behaviors to win more business!

Virtual Presence Program options and Pricing

Start Improving your Virtual Credibility, confidence and Charisma Today!


Virtual Presence Essentials

Virtual Presence Pro

Virtual Presence Mastery





16 On-Demand Videos (2.25 hrs) of techniques and guided practice

Self-Evaluation Forms to monitor progress

On-Camera Resource Guide

7-Minute On-Camera Warm-up©

Pre-Course Personalized Virtual Assessment

Post-Course Virtual Assessment

Bonus Package (Valued at over $600)

45-Minute "Live" Virtual Coaching and Practice Session with Julie


Interested in Virtual Presence Workshops or Coaching for your Team? 

Frequently Asked Questions

So... Have Questions?

Our FAQ section was designed to provide clear, concise information about the course, its structure, outcomes, and everything else you need to know to make your learning journey smooth and rewarding.

Do I get INSTANT access to the course?

Yes! As soon as you sign up you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the video course, tools and resources.

I’ve already taken a virtual selling course – how is this different?

Glad you asked! Four things primarily:
A. Tried-and-Tested Approach: This course isn't just a bunch of random tips thrown together during the pandemic. It's built on a solid methodology that's been refined and proven by countless actors and on-camera pros.

B. Practical Steps, Not Just Vague Advice: No more useless suggestions like: "look confident" or "engage with your audience." We break everything down into clear, doable steps tailored to real remote sales situations.

C. Learning by Doing: Our techniques and exercises are designed to become second nature. With proven practice techniques, you’ll develop the muscle memory to the point where you don't have to consciously think about them during calls.

D. Expertise That Counts: Unlike other virtual sales courses led by people who lack sales or on-camera experience, this course is taught by Julie Hansen, an award-winning salesperson, presentation coach and professional screen actor. Julie's used these skills herself to secure roles in 75 TV shows, movies, and commercials, and close deals worth over $20 million. She wrote the book on virtual sales communication – "Look Me in the Eye" – and has shared her methodology with more than 10,000 sales and business professionals to date.

When you pick Virtual Presence for Sales Pros, you're choosing a practical and expert-led approach that will truly elevate your virtual selling game.

Who is this course FOR and NOT for?

This course is designed with salespeople and leaders in mind – those who want to shine in the virtual world and are ready to put in the work for outstanding results.

If you're looking for basic virtual selling tips or hoping that just watching videos will do the trick, this course might not meet your needs.
And while it's crafted for sales pros who handle virtual meetings, presentations, and demos, it's also been a game-changer for account managers, customer service reps, speakers, and anyone with a role that involves connecting with a virtual audience.

I’m not in sales, is this still for me?

In short, YES! This is for anyone looking to connect, influence or engage with others through the camera to elevate their Virtual Presence and personal brand, and grow their business.

Whether you’re a speaker, a coach, or a CEO, the strategies you learn in Virtual Presence for Sales Pros will help you take your business to the next level.

How much time do I need to spend on the course?

ACT 1 of The Virtual Presence for Sales Pros course is a self-paced program designed to fit into your schedule. However, here are some recommendations to help you plan:

The full video course takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. I suggest spreading this time out over 2-4 weeks to allow for thorough practice of the techniques introduced in each video.

A practical approach would be dedicating around 20-30 minutes per week to watch the lessons and an additional 30-45 minutes weekly to actively apply the techniques. (By the way, you can even practice some of these techniques during your internal team calls or when attending already scheduled virtual meetings!)

Once you’re finished the course and completed your final self-evaluation, you’ll have 90-day access to revisit the videos to refine, reinforce or refresh any of the skills.

I’m not sure if the price is worth it.

I get it. Trial and error can be exhausting and frustrating. But while you might have explored various avenues on your own or tried other programs, if those methods were the solution, you'd have seen the results already.

I've invested thousands of hours as an actor and a salesperson, honing and refining these techniques and adapting them for the business world to save you the time, effort, and uncertainty of figuring it out yourself.

The difference these techniques can make in your daily interactions by tipping the scales in your favor is limitless. From securing that elusive second meeting, to nudging out a competitor to win a deal. But these are only the monetary gains. It’s also about equipping yourself with techniques to improve your personal brand and future proof your career!

How does the Virtual Assessment work, and what will it tell me?

The Virtual Assessment (included with Acts 2 and 3) evaluates your performance in Five Key areas of Virtual Presence and Influence: Your Virtual Stage and First Impression, Executive Presence, Virtual Credibility, and Engagement Level. It identifies why your scores might be lower in these areas and, more importantly, how to improve.

At the beginning of the course, you'll submit a 2-5 minute recording of you speaking. This gets assessed by me and top-notch AI tools, creating a baseline of how customers see you on-screen. You'll understand the reasons behind your scores in each area and get actionable tips to address them.

After the course, you’ll submit another 2-5 minute recording. You'll receive a detailed report showing progress in the Five Key areas, along with personalized suggestions for further enhancements. This process offers a clear view of your growth and practical steps to keep developing your virtual presence and influence.

Why does it take 2-3 business days to get my Assessment?

Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. I team up my "human director's eyes" with advanced AI to get it right. While many AI tools promise instant results, I tested them thoroughly and found they're not consistently accurate for every aspect of Virtual Presence, nor do they take into account the selling context.

Humans are great at picking up subtleties and meanings that AI can miss. AI is speedy at spotting basic behaviors. Even though it takes a tad longer, this mix of human and AI means we catch tricky stuff and cut down on false alarms.

How long will it take to see results?

The timeline depends on how and when you put your new skills into action. If you watch the videos, practice and apply the techniques, you can anticipate seeing noticeable changes in just a few days. Often, these shifts become evident during a virtual after applying just a single technique!

The best part? These techniques are straightforward to implement. You’ll know exactly what to do.

Remember, if you don't take action, you won't witness any changes. The results are directly tied to your effort.

What if I don’t like the Course?

It's easy: I provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Video Course (providing you have completed all the videos). Why? Because I'm fully dedicated to making Virtual Presence for Sales Pros the only program you'll need to genuinely transform your virtual presence. You'll start seeing the results as you progress through the videos and exercises over the upcoming days, weeks and months.

However, if you've diligently completed the Course and the work and still feel that you're not getting AT LEAST a return on your investment, don't worry. Just send me an email at julie@actingforsales within the initial 30 days of access and say "I don't like the course."

For more details, you can review our refund policy here. Rest assured, I'm committed to your success and confident that you'll find value in this transformative program.

I signed up but I don’t see an email with instructions!

Ah technology! Be sure to check your spam folder and if you still don’t see it, reach out to me at and we’ll get you set up!