May 10

Camera on in sales. It’s more than virtual etiquette!

But my customer doesn’t have their camera on! 

Sellers often use this excuse to turn their own camera off during a sales call.  And I say excuse because it’s not a good reason.  Having your camera on in sales is more than virtual etiquette.  

Certainly the urge to “face mute” is strong when no one else is on camera.  It’s uncomfortable and awkward.  And with more customers choosing to not have their own camera on, it’s become more common. It also takes more energy to show up on video (if you’re doing it right!)  Plus, you may have to brush your hair or tidy up your desk!

But having your camera on for a sales meeting is ultimately not about your comfort level and experience. It’s about your customer’s experience and increasing their comfort level and trust with you. Putting your customer first requires putting your comfort second.

Ideally, you and your customer would both have your cameras on.  You’d be able to read each other’s body language and expressions, share eye contact and both feel more comfortable and connected.

But the reality is customers are not always going to have their cameras on. Awkward attempts to encourage them to turn their cameras on can backfire and put them on the defensive. But it’s still a net win if you’re on camera because it benefits your customer, which in the end, also benefits you. 

How having your camera on benefits your customer: 

Anytime the relationship matters (and when does relationship NOT matter in sales?) you need to have your camera on. Here’s why:

  • It humanizes you. Seeing you makes you more real, authentic, and memorable to your customer than those faceless voices they interact with all day. At a time where so many people are craving connection and authenticity, video can fill the bill in a way that phone calls and email can’t match. 
  • Direct eye contact is one of the quickest ways to build a relationship.  Yes, you can do it without, but it takes much longer.  As a salesperson, do you have that kind of time??
  • Eye contact also conveys confidence, credibility, friendliness and interest.  All qualities we’d love to have our customer walk away feeling!

While being the only person on camera presents a greater challenge for you, you can learn to get more comfortable and confident with it and use it to improve your connection, despite your lack of visibility.  For pro tips on how to talk to customers who are not on camera, click here. 

If you are ready to tap into the power of building virtual credibility and more meaningful and memorable relationships through the screen, I’ve laid the path out for you in my new book, Look Me In the Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners and Teams  recently named the 2021 Gold Medal Top Sales Book.  In it you’ll find all the steps and tactics you need to build virtual credibility.

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