January 3

How To Get Better On Camera By Watching Your Videos


How To Get Better On Camera By Watching Your Videos

Do you hate the way you look on camera? Do you cringe at the thought of watching your own videos? Learn how to get better on camera by watching your videos!

You’re not alone. Even as an actor I hated watching myself on video. I didn’t smile enough. I blinked too much. I didn’t like the sound of my voice. But I quickly learned that if I was going to get better on camera and start winning more parts, I had to understand how my audience saw me on their screen.  And that required watching my own videos in an objective and constructive way. 

Whether you are an actor or a salesperson, you can’t afford to be in the dark about how your audience sees you.  Sellers who skip this step are surprised to learn how they’ve been sabotaging their efforts connect with potential customers and damaging their credibility in the process. 

Of course, when it comes to watching yourself on video, the words “objective and constructive” usually fly right out the window! So here’s a tip that that will eliminate a lot of the cringe-factor and help you get better on camera!

How to Watch Your Video Objectively and Constructively: 

Before you sit down to watch yourself on video, make sure you have in front of you a list of clearly defined behaviors to evaluate yourself on. Without this guide, it’s open season for your inner critic and too easy to give up. 

What Behavior Should I Look For? 

When watching your video, you want to look for behaviors that matter most to your audience, not yourself.  Most of us go right for the things we don’t like about ourselves: that pesky cowlick or the way our eyebrow moves when we smile.  What matters to your audience is whether you appear trustworthy, confident and competent.  And whether you make them feel heard, seen and understood. Those qualities can be reflected in the length and type of eye contact you’re making, the amount of time you allow for them to respond, the types of gestures you use (or don’t use). These are just a few of the areas where improvement can bring dramatic results.

Where Do I Find an Effective List of Behaviors to Look For?

There’s no reason to be in the dark about how customers see you on their screen or guess which behaviors matter.

I’ve made it easy for you by identifying the 20 key behaviors that have the most impact on your audience’s virtual impression and experience with you. I’ve used this list coaching thousands of salespeople to greater performances and now you can get it for FREE, when you purchase a copy of my award-winning book, Look Me In the Eye. 

Get your copy today on Amazon!  

Simply forward me the receipt here, and start improving –  without the cringe! 



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