January 8

The 2024 Must-Have Sales Skill: Virtual Executive Presence


The 2024 Must-Have Sales Skill: Virtual Executive Presence

Mastering video is the must-have skill for salespeople in 2024 according to Hubspot and numerous sales experts. But before you go down a rabbit hole with the latest tools and technology, consider this:

The greatest camera, editing tool or script won’t win over prospects if you appear untrustworthy, uncertain, uninteresting (or uninterested!) on video.

In an increasingly competitive digital world, honing the skill of influencing and connecting virtually is not just an advantage; it's a prerequisite for success with video. That’s why to get real results with video salespeople need to develop their Virtual Executive Presence.

Let's break it down. Virtual Executive Presence, is about conveying your authenticity, credibility, confidence, and superior listening skills when you are on camera, whether in a virtual meeting or recording a video.

It’s not easy to do. You can jump on any virtual meeting or watch any prospecting video to see for yourself that it is not easy to do. Even Harvard Business Review acknowledged that it is much more difficult to build relationships and trust in the virtual space. Enter Virtual Executive Presence – the secret sauce that can make all the difference for sales reps in 2024.

Visualize virtual communication as an iceberg, where only a fraction of your true self is visible to clients. With a staggering 80% of conventional body language off the table, that remaining 15 to 20% that your prospects sees on their screen needs to convey all the confidence, credibility and emotion that you convey in person! Yet most sellers don’t come close to this – and what’s worse, they have no idea how prospects perceive them!

Virtual Executive Presence is the key for those aiming to stand out and dominate the virtual selling landscape in 2024. It's the missing link that helps you to quickly build trusted relationships, open doors and move sales forward. Embrace it, master it, and watch your sales soar!

Develop your Virtual Executive Presence!

Discover how to enhance your Virtual Executive Presence and  and become the influential leader or seller you're destined to be!  Both group and private coaching options are available. 

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