May 31

The Secret to Making Videos that Prospects Actually Watch

📢 No One HAS to Watch Your Video…

Unless you’re the boss!   Sending unsolicited videos to busy prospects to watch is a BIG Ask.  And a BIG waste of time IF you don’t know the secret of making videos that prospects watch.

In a recent video interview with 2WinGlobal’s Chad Wilson, we explored the critical differences between engaging audiences in live virtual meetings and asynchronous videos. Here's what you need to know:

Why Prospects are Not Watching Your Video:

🔹 The Commitment Difference

Live sessions (Zoom, Teams) come with a loose social contract that discourages abrupt exits. Asynchronous videos have no such contract; if you don't engage viewers in the first few seconds, they’re gone.

🔹 First Impressions Are Crucial:

The initial seconds of a video are like an audition. Like casting directors, your busy prospects are looking for any reason NOT to watch your video and therefore will decide very quickly whether you are worth investing time in.

🔹 Words Alone are Insufficient:

 Much of your audiences’ decision in those first few seconds is based on nonverbal behavior - your tone, body language, and overall presence. Viewers look for credibility and interest, deciding fast whether to keep watching.

🔑 The Key to Making Videos that Prospects Watch:

  1. Cut to the Chase.  

    Many sellers make the mistake of saving their best for last.  While it can feel awkward to jump right into the meat of the problem, the outcome, or the value, if you spend too much time leading up to your point you’ll be left alone awkwardly talking to yourself!
  2. Don’t Warm up on your Audience. 

    Most sellers take much too long to hit their stride – or even home in on the camera.  Unfortunately, by that time the prospect has hit “delete.”  Successful actors and sellers understand the importance of being confident and "camera-ready" before they hit “record.”
  3. Master your Nonverbal Communication: 

    Yes, words are important (see point 1) but research shows that first impressions are most heavily influenced by nonverbal signals. After all, how many words can you even say in seven seconds? To really hook your audience learn to leverage the power of your virtual presence through eye contact, energy and body language.  Make sure everything within your “virtual stage” passes scrutiny and conveys that you are competent, credible and worth listening to.
  4. Talk to One Person. 

    Speaking intimately to another human being through the camera – when you can’t see them – is an art that actors must learn to master, and if you are using video, so do you.
  5. Learn How to Use a Script:  

    Most sellers are not trained properly how to work with scripts, resulting in an inauthentic, uninspired and wooden delivery. Your task, much like an actor's, is to breathe life into those words, making them feel fresh and genuine – even if you’ve repeated them a dozen times.  If you’re going to use a script (with or without a teleprompter) do yourself and your audience a favor and learn the techniques developed by on-camera pros that came before you.

Stop wasting time making videos that prospects don’t watch.  Master these skills - and more - to get greater ROI out of your video outreach with our Lights, Camera, Prospect program below:


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A Warning From my AI Sales Avatar
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