October 29

Unforced Errors On Video Are Costing You Sales

Unforced Errors On Video Are Costing You Sales

Are you making these unforced errors on video?

As prospects expectations of what constitutes acceptable video behavior rises - along with the explosion of competition on video - you can't  afford to make these avoidable mistakes. 

These Behaviors Should be Ancient History:

From hostage videos, to sketchy or nonexistent eye contact, to Resting Business Face. These unforced errors break your connection, damage your credibility, and weaken your message. And while these behaviors should be ancient history by now, if you  pop on to any virtual meeting you will see a dizzying array of them unfold before you.   

To really thrive in virtual world, you need to master these basics and get to the next level:  mastering the ability to communicate as impactfully within this small screen as if you were sitting across from your customer having a cup of coffee. And that takes unique new skills that are not taught in your typical virtual selling class.

How to Avoid These Unforced Errors on Video

Sending unintended messages on video are unforced errors that sellers can’t afford to make in a competitive environment. 

Learning what your face and body are communicating to your audience is critical to building relationships on video, and one of the many new skills I cover in my new book, Look Me In the Eye. You’ll also learn:

  • Video-friendly movements and gestures
  • How to use strategic eye contact to make your customer feel seen and heard
  • Practical video “cheats” you need to make for your audience’s benefit
  • Successful ways to turn passive virtual audiences into active participants
  • How to connect with people who are not on video

Get your copy today!




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A Warning From my AI Sales Avatar

A Warning From my AI Sales Avatar
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