January 28

Increase Your Virtual Credibility

How is your Virtual Credibility?

Are you the same credible person in virtual meetings as you are in person? You might need to increase your virtual credibility. Many sellers are sabotaging their efforts to build trust with customers because they appear unreliable, uninterested, or insincere on video with common virtual behaviors like the following:

Avoiding direct eye contact

Studies show that most people associate averting your eyes with guilt, lying, or a lack of confidence.  Yet jump on any virtual meeting and what do you see?  Everyone staring at their screens!  

Shifty eyes

A behavior that erodes credibility is the shifty-eyed gaze sellers use to glance from camera to screen to camera, over and over. Shifty eyes are associated with nervousness or suspicious activity – the opposite of what you’re hoping to convey!

Other behaviors that can quickly call your credibility into question with customers are:

  • Incongruence between  your words and your expressions or voice
  • Rapid, repetitive movements
  • No visible body language

Understanding how you are undermining your virtual credibility is vital.  Without  eliminating these credibility-crushers, traditional methods of building trust, like being customer-focused, communicating value, or building rapport are vital – will fail on virtual calls.

Gaining an awareness of how the camera (and thus, your customer) reads and interprets these virtual behaviors is the first step to improving your virtual credibility. 

As you’ll see in this video!

Building trust in virtual meetings can be done, but it requires a new awareness and knowledge of how your customer sees you and your behavior on their screen. Only then can you start to eliminate credibility-eroding behavior and introduce signals that build trust, like direct eye contact and clear, visible gestures. 

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