October 3

Virtual Sales Confidence: Avoid this Mistake When Customers are Off Camera


Virtual Sales Confidence: Avoid this Mistake When Customers are Off Camera

In virtual sales, confidence means never letting them see you sweat!  But it’s a challenge when your customers are off camera. Unfortunately, this is a trend you can’t afford to do ignore. A recent study found that over one-third of executives now choose to be off-camera in virtual meetings. Your response to these situations can determine whether you get an opportunity to do business with them – or even have another call! Learn how you can gain virtual sales confidence.

I recently had a virtual meeting with a salesperson, and it was a rare occasion that I had my camera off due to a busy office. The experiment was revealing. The salesperson continually sought my reassurance, ending sentences with ‘Right?’ and ‘Do you agree?’ Other times I’ve had salespeople rush on in endless monologue. Anything to avoid that dreaded “dead air!”

While speaking confidently to someone you cannot see is challenging, constantly seeking validation or rushing through your presentation can make you appear nervous, disrupt the conversational flow, and even bring your credibility into question. In today’s digital world, where executives frequently have their cameras off, sales professionals must adapt.

How Do you Build Confidence in Virtual Meetings?

That takes Virtual Executive Presence—a blend of mental attitude and specific behavioral skills that convey confidence, competence and credibility – under all kinds of virtual scenarios like this. Without it, sellers and leaders don’t just lose confidence, they lose valuable opportunities.

Everything changes on camera.  That’s why we focus exclusively on helping leaders and their teams influence with confidence, credibility, and authenticity on camera.  Check out our award-winning transformational programs below.



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