February 5

Impactful Virtual Body Language – from T-Rex?


Virtual body language is a widespread disaster. Too much, too little, too fast, too obviously orchestrated. What’s a presenter to do? Well remember those pre-pandemic presentation training sessions where we were warned against using tiny T-Rex arms? Table’s turned and it’s time to take a tip from T-Rex for more impactful virtual body language!

In the era of virtual meetings, those grand, sweeping gestures that once worked in person can create confusion and make you appear nervous in the camera's tight frame. Maintaining your audience's focus is challenging enough. Large, fast, or out-of-frame movements can lead to distraction, leaving your audience guessing about the purpose behind your gestures.

The purpose of gesturing is to add punctuation to words and ideas, but in the virtual landscape, every movement is magnified, drawing your audience's attention away as they struggle to interpret your actions.

In a virtual world, get ready to throw away millions of years of progress! The solution lies in eliminating purposeless flapping and embracing a more nuanced approach. Picture this: smaller, slower, and more specific gestures that not only keep your audience focused but also add context and meaning to your words. In other words, it's time to bring back T-Rex arms with a modern twist.

In this era of evolving communication dynamics, the surprising tip from T-Rex unveils the importance of adapting your body language for impactful virtual meetings, so you can present your message with clarity and purpose. Check out more tips here to embark on this journey of virtual evolution, enhance your body language, and make your virtual presentations roar with success!


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