February 19

The Rizz Factor: Elevating Your Charisma On-Camera


In 2023, the term “Rizz” catapulted into viral stardom all the way to being named “Top Word of the Year” by Oxford. Now, if you’re slightly over 23, you may be wondering what “Rizz” is. Well, it is not in fact short for Rizzo in the movie Grease or Major League baseball, but rather a shorthand for charisma: a personal magnetism and charm that captivates audiences. In today's business landscape, where differences in solutions and messages are subtle and attention is sparse, charisma on camera isn't just essential for actors, the Rizz Factor is a must-have for salespeople too.

Where Did My Rizz Go?

This may not surprise you, but there is a shocking lack of charisma in virtual meetings, presentations and video recordings. Many sellers – and leaders - who could rely on their in-person charisma to build relationships have found that the magic doesn’t successfully transfer to the screen. One leader described his former ability to effortlessly connect with others as “losing his superpower.” He is not alone. Scores of otherwise charismatic sellers are simply limping along on video, assuming that screen presence is a gift nature bestows upon a lucky few, rather than a set of skills that can be learned and applied.

Confusing Authenticity with Being Natural

One of the main causes for a lack of charisma on screen is heeding the widely misunderstood advice to “just be yourself on camera.” Unfortunately, this often leads to presenting the least engaging version of oneself as it’s widely interpreted as doing solely what feels “natural” or “comfortable. However many new things are initially uncomfortable and awkward, like learning to ride a bike or drive a car. It’s only through proper practice and perseverance that they become second nature. Reluctance to navigate the initial awkwardness and invest in learning and practicing new virtual skills is why many sellers find themselves stuck at square one in their virtual development.

The Death of Active Listening 

Regardless of your political affiliation, you have to give Bill Clinton props for his charisma (in person at least). There are many accounts of individuals, who upon meeting him in a sea of people, say he made them feel like they were the only person in the room. There is little more attractive than someone who finds you incredibly interesting. 

Contrast Bill Clinton’s laser focus with virtual meetings where it feels like you’re talking to someone at a party who is constantly scanning the room for someone more important to speak with. Even if you bother to rationalize that the other person is looking at your image on their screen, emotionally it feels like they are not that into you. Logic be damned. Prospects aren’t going to make excuses for you and relationships are built on feelings, not logic.

Rizz is a Transfer of Energy

Many sellers who are quite charismatic in person appear wooden and devoid of personality on video because the camera waters down their natural energy and enthusiasm. Add to this managing tools, trying to engage passive prospects (who often aren’t on video) and it’s a wonder virtual audience’s stay awake!

The camera takes away up to half of your energy on screen. The first thing to go when your energy is low is your facial expressions, thus the common “Resting Business Face” we are so often subjected to in virtual meetings. If you don’t compensate for this natural energy loss, you will appear bored, disinterested, lifeless – and yes, “rizz-less” to your audience.

But This is Serious!

Some may scoff at the importance of charisma, believing that facts alone speak for themself. But being boring doesn’t make you more credible. And charisma isn’t about being flippant or unserious. It does mean keeping your prospect engaged so that they hear your message, remember it, and feel an emotion necessary to make them want to take action on it. Otherwise, you are just a messenger.

The New 80/20 Rule in Sales

Like the tip of the iceberg, your customer forms an impression of you from the 20% of you they can see on their screen. The remaining 80% of your nonverbal communication and energy is lost in translation. This changes the dynamics of communication. To convey charisma effectively, you must know how to optimize the 20% captured by the camera and understand how your audience perceives you on their screen.

Unleashing Your Charisma on Screen!

Improving your Rizz doesn't require Hollywood fame or even a TikTok account! However, it does entail learning the nuances of virtual communication. Traditional presentation or executive presence training often falls short in addressing these unique challenges. It's time to prioritize mastering virtual charisma and elevate your on-screen presence.

Does your team have Rizz? Let's find out! Contact me for information on virtual assessments, coaching, workshops or speaking. JulieHansen.Live


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