June 10

A Warning From my AI Sales Avatar

AI Sales Avatar Julie is back! And she’s got a real truth 💣bomb to drop.

Yes, she’s still awkward and lacking in personality, warmth, and timing, but as AI Julie warned, she will continue to improve. The question is, will you?

As AI technology advances at breakneck speed, sales teams must prepare for the reality of competing not only with other human beings, but also with increasingly sophisticated digital avatars!

So here’s a Truth 💣bomb from the Real Julie:  The majority of sellers are not currently operating far below their highest potential in virtual meetings, presentations, demos, and recoded video.  In fact, (as Avatar Julie painfully noted) many are as distant, unengaged, and seemingly uninterested as the early avatars!

Consider this: Based on my work with thousands of sellers over the past year, the average sales team can improve by 65%+ in their virtual presence, credibility, influence, and engagement when they are provided with the right professional skill training. (Request a Case Study Here)

Imagine if your sellers needed 65% improvement in any other sales skill!  They’d likely be immediately placed on a PIP - or escorted out the door!

Why are Sellers falling short on video? 

✔ Bad habits (now soundly reinforced!)

✔Bad advice (from somebody who’s never worked professionally on camera)

✔A belief that “Virtual selling 101” 4 years ago is still sufficient… 

This combo leaves your salesforce ripe for an AI takeover.

How will you stay ahead of the AI learning curve?

  • Objective Assessment of Your Team

    The introduction of avatars into sales requires all sellers and leaders to take a good objective look at their virtual communication and relationship-building skills.  Our unique Virtual Presence Assessments measure the nuanced qualities of virtual communications that impact trust, influence and engagement.  and influence.  (Request information on our Virtual Assessments here)
  • Specific, Targeted Skill Training

    Ultimately, sellers who are able to effectively communicate and build trusted relationships on video will be better positioned to succeed in an increasingly digital sales landscape. By embracing new virtual communication skills and operating at their highest potential, sellers can distance themselves from AI through their ability to connect with clients, convey value, and ultimately drive sales success.
  • Proven, Scheduled Practice and Feedback Sessions

    Modifying life-long behaviors and developing new muscle memory takes practice and feedback.  Most people don’t know how to practice properly or are unwilling to take the time to do it on their own.  We provide a structured, proven process that reinforces new skills so that sellers can do what they do best, build relationships and sell solutions.

For more information on our services, contact us here.


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