October 28

A “Scary” Sales Tip from Zombie School


It’s not easy to become a zombie.  Every year thousands of people audition for a chance to play a zombie on TV’s hit series, The Walking Dead.  Once they make it through the initial casting process they are enrolled in Zombie School (yes, it’s a real thing) where they will learn what it takes to play the undead and make a chance at the final cut.

To stand out from the competition, the director at The Walking Dead’s Zombie School gave the wannabe-zombies some important direction:  Avoid doing the same old arms out in front, stereotypical Frankenstein-type zombie. Don’t just copy what everyone else is doing, make something your own.  His final words of advice:

“You have to find your inner zombie.”

Whether you’re competing for a role in a hit TV show or a role in your prospect’s business, doing the same thing as everyone else is not a winning strategy in a competitive market.  To stand out and be remembered when buying decisions are made, you have to find your inner sales zombie…I mean sales pro.

In other words, you need to break the mold of the company-overview-giving, monologue-delivering, slide-pointing sales zombie that prospects are tired of.  You need to find a way to present yourself, your product or service and your company in a unique way to break through the clutter today.

Your Inner Sales Pro is that unique version of you that showcases your unique personality, energy and experience at its best.  You need to be open and present to respond to your customer in the moment and not worried about your next line.  You need to be the salesperson that is easy to connect with and easy to remember.

A Scary Sales Tip for Finding Your Inner Sales Pro:

If you’re used to presenting or speaking in a certain way with customers and prospects or if nerves get in the way of you expressing yourself well, it can be difficult to flip a switch and turn on your inner sales pro.  Here’s where a “scary” acting tip can actually help.

Here’s how it works:

When you’re practicing, read your presentation or pitch out loud with as much energy and excitement as you can muster.  Go OVER the top, and then push yourself even further.  Think Bad Community Theater or your favorite over-the-top actor (Jim Carrey, Al Pacino anyone?) Emphasize every other word.  Gesture dramatically.  Throw your voice and your body into it.  And most importantly, have fun!  This will let your personality out as well as shake out some of those nerve that can leave you tongue-tied and tense.

Now, and this is important, immediately after going over-the-top, read your presentation again in your normal (indoor) voice.  You will find that your delivery is energized and exciting without sounding phony. This technique of going big then pulling back helps you retain some energy and personality in your presentation while keeping it real.  This is a great exercise to do before you go into a meeting and one you can easily do in your home or your car.

With the margins between winning and losing getting increasingly smaller, you can’t afford to blend in with the other Sales Zombies.  Find your Inner Sales Pro – and take a bite out of the competition!

photo credit: By Daniel Means [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons



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