July 10

Leaders: Spot this Warning Sign in Sales Meetings

As a leader of a remote team, it’s not easy staying on top of how sellers are individually performing with customers.  But here’s an easy way to spot critical warning signs in your virtual sales meeting.

In your next meeting, take a few moments to observe your team’s behavior. Chances are, you’ll notice some bad habits like poor eye contact, slouched posture, obvious multitasking, wandering eyes, and lack of engagement or energy. Or maybe they don’t even have their cameras on! 

If you believe your sales team will magically adopt good behaviors in front of customers, think again.

What we practice gets repeated, and what we repeat becomes a habit. These habits are what sellers will fall back on in high-pressure situations like virtual meetings and presentations, potentially costing you relationships and deals.

As a leader you can avoid this costly mistake by encouraging the building of new muscle memory with positive habits: looking directly at the camera, engaging with confident body language, using a strong voice, and maintaining clear intentions. These skills should become second nature, so your team doesn’t have to spend time focusing on them in customer-facing opportunities.

By ingraining these good habits, your team will perform at their best in virtual meetings with customers. Want to ensure your team is reaching their highest potential? Reach out for a virtual assessment or executive presence training. Let’s elevate your virtual sales game and spot those warning signs before they become costly mistakes.


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