July 11

Rate My Video: 2 CEO’s Virtual Presence Showdown

In Rate My Video, I analyze videos of public personalities—CEOs, politicians, and other famous figures—to uncover the secrets of virtual executive presence. Learn from the stars – shining or fading – to elevate your on-camera skills.

Check out this video episode where two C-Suite executives with vastly different styles go head-to-head in a virtual presence showdown. Compare as I break down their performances, highlighting what works and what doesn’t. Which CEO will come out on top?

Rate their videos, and see if you agree with my analysis. (Stick around until the end where I reveal my Virtual Executive Presence Rating!)

Ready to enhance your virtual presence? Dive into this episode now and start mastering the art of on-camera communication.

Looking for a “private” assessment of your Virtual Executive Presence, and a roadmap for how to improve it?  Reach out and let’s talk!


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