March 8

MVP Moments: Defying Limitations in Virtual Sales Presentations and Demos

Argue for your limitations and they’re yours. One of the most common limitations I hear salespeople argue for in virtual sales is this:

"I cannot look at the camera and do a presentation or demo at the same time!"

For American football fans, it reminds me of Gisele’s famous remark about her then husband, NFL legend Tom Brady’s post-super bowl loss:

“My husband cannot f---ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time!”

However history has proven her wrong, as demonstrated by MVP Lamar Jackson during the Ravens-Chiefs playoff game, who threw and caught his own ball, thus avoiding a significant loss of yardage.

Like Lamar Jackson, you too can prove the naysayers wrong and engage with your audience through great eye contact while presenting or demonstrating software, thus avoiding a huge loss in credibility and rapport.

Having worked with well over 500 sales and presales professionals last year who started out making an average of eye contact less than 1/3 of the meeting - And not using slides or SW.

At the end of our training, those same sellers surprised themselves by making direct eye contact an average of 70% of the time – even while presenting slides or sw.

So the choice is yours. Cling to your limitations and stay on the sidelines, or defy limitations and be the MVP on your sales team. Nobody told Lamar Jackson he couldn’t do it, so don’t let the skeptics tell you, you can’t do it either.


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