April 2

LinkedIn Video Secrets: Stand Out in 7 Seconds


Social selling with video, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, can revolutionize your B2B sales strategy. According to Social Media Today, in 2023, video posts on LinkedIn generated five times more engagement than any other types of posts. It's like fishing in a stocked pond, right? However, despite the increasing number of videos posted by sellers, many find their videos either going unwatched or failing to produce results. So, why is this happening and what are the secrets to getting noticed on LinkedIn?

The truth is the potential of video hasn't gone unnoticed by other sellers and marketers. As the use of video on LinkedIn continues to grow, you're now competing with a larger pool of rivals for your prospect's limited time on the platform. With the average visit duration of just over 7 minutes on LinkedIn (and less for busy executives), viewers are ruthless about where they spend their time and are quick to move on if you don’t sufficiently capture their attention. 

The key question arises: How do you make sure your video gets watched?

The solution? Treat your video like an audition.

Why an audition? Casting directors, much like your prospects, are busy professionals with limited time and countless individuals vying for their attention. They must quickly sort through who has potential, and who doesn’t. And, like prospects, they're more inclined to eliminate than add.

When I was first auditioning for film and TV roles, getting my audition tape seen was a challenge. Until I learned a game-changing secret from a top casting director: "You have to make the casting director fall in love with you in the first seven seconds of your video."

While making someone “fall in love with you in seven seconds” sounds like a pretty tall order, it reflects a fundamental truth: prospects form critical opinions about your credibility, confidence, likability, and whether you're worth their time within those initial seconds. And most unsolicited videos don’t get watched past the seven-second mark because they haven’t achieved this goal. So how can you beat the clock and ensure your video gets a chance to be seen and heard?

Here are some tips to leverage the 7 second secret with video:

  1. Cut to the Chase. 

    Many sellers and actors make the mistake of saving their best for last. While it can feel awkward to jump right into the meat of the problem, the outcome, or the value, if you spend too much time leading up to your point you’ll be left alone awkwardly talking to yourself!
  2. Stop warming up on your audience. 

    Most sellers have yet to find their rhythm or even locate their camera within the first seven seconds of their video. Unfortunately, by the time they hit their stride, their audience is scrolling on. Successful actors and sellers understand the importance of being confident and "camera-ready" before they hit “record.” 
  3. It’s not all about the words.

    Sellers tend to over rely on the power of their words. Yes, words are important (see point 1) but research shows that first impressions are most heavily influenced by nonverbal signals. After all, how many words can you even say in seven seconds? To really hook your audience learn to leverage the power of your virtual presence through eye contact, energy and body language. Make sure everything within your “virtual stage” passes scrutiny and conveys that you are competent, credible and worth listening to.
  4. Talk to one person. 

    Yes, ideally your video gets watched by many sets of eyes, but the magic is in focusing on talking to one person at a time. The minute your prospect hits “play” they are mentally engaged in a dialogue with you, if (and only if) they feel like you are talking “just to them.” Speaking intimately to another human being through the camera – when you can’t see them – is an art that actors must learn to master, and if you are using video, so do you.
  5. Breathe life into your script. 

    Using a script isn’t inherently bad, it’s just that sellers are not trained properly how to use them. And it feels impersonal and inauthentic to your audience because of the resulting wooden delivery. Your task, much like an actor's, is to breathe life into those words, making them feel fresh and genuine – even if you’ve repeated them a dozen times. If you’re going to use a script (with or without a teleprompter) do yourself and your audience a favor and learn the techniques developed by on-camera pros that came before you.

Whether you’re using video on social media like LinkedIn or for individual outreach, the early advantages of video adoption have faded. To get continued ROI out of your video efforts and ensure your video gets watched, invest in learning the art of capturing attention in seven seconds or less.


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