May 17

One Simple Tip to Increase Your Likability on Zoom


One Simple Tip to Increase Your Likability on Zoom

“People do business with people they like.” Like most well-known adages, there’s a lot of truth in this. Part of your buyer’s decision-making process typically includes whether they want to enter into a business relationship with you. If it appears that the relationship is going to be somber, joyless partnership, you’ve given your competition a great opening! The unfortunate truth is that most sellers do not appear as likable on video as they do in person.  Luckily there’s one simple tip that will increase your likability on Zoom and in virtual meetings. 

And that is this: 

Develop a Video-Friendly Smile to Increase Your Likability on Zoom

A smile is associated with being likable, friendly and confident.  They are the ultimate ice breaker and human-connector.  They are also the least common expression you will see in virtual meetings.  Here’s why.

Why No One Smiles on Zoom

Most people bring low energy to virtual meetings. And expressions are the first thing to go when your energy is down.  This is only compounded by the fact that most sellers are seated.  Low energy produces a blank expression that is so common in virtual meetings that it deserves its own name: Resting Business Face. If you don’t raise your energy enough to overcome RBF, you’re going to have a tough time convincing anyone you’re friendly or interested. 

Think you’re smiling on your customer’s screen? Think again.  Many smiles go unnoticed because of the way the camera distorts and misses certain signals that we easily pick up in person, like the typical business half-smile. This non-committal smile barely registers on camera or in your customer’s brain.

What is a Video-Friendly Smile?

In order for your smile to be seen and felt by your customer, you need a Video-Friendly smile.  That means a smile that is:

    1. Authentic. The camera is a lie detector. Anything short of a genuine smile will do more damage than good. 

    1. Full.  Have you ever laughed so hard your cheeks hurt?  That’s because a full ear-to-ear smile involves more muscles than a half-smile. With a full smile you can feel your cheeks move, not just the corners of your mouth. You can also feel the air on your teeth because your lips are parted. 

    1. Lasting.  A Video-Friendly smile is one that lasts long enough for your audience to experience it. Most smiles come and go much too quickly on video.  Let your smile stick around until you have a reason to let it go. 

Developing and using a Video-Friendly Smile will increase your likability on Zoom and you’ll be amazed at how much faster and easier it is to build rapport and valued customer relationships. 

 Do you know what your face says on video?  Learn more about how to leverage the power of expression and body language in virtual meetings in my new on-demand video course, Virtual Presence for Sales Pros!


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