December 10

Smiling: Your Selling On-Video Superpower!


Smile! It’s your selling on-video superpower. People who smile are perceived as friendly, approachable, caring.  And yet, smiling is such an uncommon expression in business – especially on video!

Yes, there are many times you may be discussing serious matters, but a video message or presentation delivered by the grim reaper can be pretty wearing.  Surely you can find the occasional reason to smile in a conversation.  Surely you can find the occasional reason to smile in a sales conversation!

I’m not advocating you paste on a phony smile – your customer can read that – especially on-camera.  But think about what good news you may be sharing and let your face know!  For example, are you:

Solving a problem?Saving your customer time or money?Creating a vision of what’s possible?Sharing a success story?

Or just smile and let them know you’re enjoying your conversation!

Look for moments to smile on video.

p.s.  If you’re out of practice or find you “think” you’re smiling and you’re not, you likely need to warm-up your facial muscles and re-connect to how you feel about what you’re sharing and why it matters.   Check out the Master Class below for information on how we can help you connect to that smile and start seeing results!

Want more help Selling on Video? 

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  1. You’re right – smiling can make such a difference, yet for many people (me included) it doesn’t come naturally on camera. So I like your tips about connecting to the message, and warming up the facial muscles. Will have to try those next time I speak on camera.

    I really admire how much the presenter smiles in this video. It’s a professionally-shot Toastmasters clip, and is one of a couple of YouTube videos I’ve reviewed where the whole thing starts with the speaker smiling (as shown in the thumbnail image, too). I was impressed in both cases!

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