December 20

Top 10 Sales Blogs for 2018


If your 2018 was as busy as mine, you may have missed the posts readers found most valuable, so I’ve compiled my Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of the year for you here.
(Note:  The first post won “First Place for Top Sales Content” in Sales Pro Central’s 2018 MVP Awards.)

Read the winning article and catch up on all 10 of the most popular posts of 2018 below.


  1. 5 Ways to Make a BIGGER IMPACT with Customer Success Stories in Your Presentation:
  2. Five Ways to Shake up your Presentation
  3. You Don’t Have to Memorize Your Entire Presentation – Just These 5 Things
  4. 5 Stories Every Salesperson Should be Prepared to Tell
  5. Are These Words Sabotaging your Presentation?
  6. 3 Buddhist Principles for Fearless Presentations
  7. Pitch Perfect: 25 Tips for Pitching over the Phone:
  8. Deadpool Shows you How to be a Superhero in your Presentation
  9. Stop Repeating These 3 Things in Your Presentation:
  10. Presenters: Stop ignoring your slides – and annoying your audience! (5 ways to Maximize Audience Attention)



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