July 17

5 Buyer Trends You Must Adjust for in Your Sales Presentation


Remember scouring the aisles on a Friday night at your local Blockbuster looking for a good video for the weekend? Your heart would leap after spotting the new release you’d been wanting to see, but excitement would quickly turn to disappointment when you picked up that empty case.5 buyer trends blockbuster closing

How do you get your movies now? Certainly not from Blockbuster! Blockbuster misjudged the significance of a buyer trend that companies like Netflix embraced, i.e.,  customers demand for faster service, more choices and fewer penalties.

Salespeople have had to adapt their selling process to many buyer trends over the past few decades, most notably social media and a steady stream of technological advances. However salespeople have been slow to adapt to 5 key buyer trends in their presentations.  But no longer.

I’m joining forces with Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to improve your presentation, in a free webinar on July 21 at 1pm ET to address the recent 5 buyer trends and the tactics you need for adjusting your presentation to meet them.

Here are some of the 5 Buyer Trends we’ll be discussing and offering solutions for:

1. Attention spans have dropped 50%

From texting to tweeting to watching videos, people are consuming their information in bite size pieces today. You only have to look at your own habits to verify that. Your prospect is no different. Unfortunately, this new way of digesting information is at complete odds with the long, linear way that most sales presentations are still being designed and delivered. In the webinar, we’ll look at specific things you can do (and stop doing) to make sure your prospect stays tuned in throughout your presentation.

2. Buyers are more informed than ever before

Research shows that most buyers are about two-thirds of their way through the buying process before they even contact a company. If you’re showing up with a presentation that regurgitates what they already know, count on competing with your prospect’s smartphone for his attention! We’ll discuss what new things you can bring to the party that add value to the conversation.

3. Buyers are the new presentation experts

You may be the presenter, but according to the 10,000 hour rule of expertise, many buyers are closing in on expert status when it comes to presentations. Whether it’s in school, at work, or through their own personal or professional development, buyers have sat through and/or delivered hundreds of presentations. If you think your PowerPoint deck is really going to set you apart, think again. It takes more than ever before to differentiate yourself with today’s savvy buyers. We’ll explore some tools from a performer’s perspective that will help you break through the clutter.

On July 21st, you’ll find out how 5 buyer trends ultimately determine the effectiveness of your presentation, and walk away armed with the new skills and tactics to keep you from going the way of Blockbuster!

Join me and Prezi on 7/21 at 1 ET at this Free Webinar and find out how:

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Photo courtesy of CC BY  methodshop .com


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