August 10

5 Must Know Tips for Mobile Presentations


Mobile presentations on iPads and tablets are rapidly becoming the vehicle of choice for many salespeople.  And why not?

They’re light-weight, fast, flexible, and they set a less formal tone for smaller or more casual presentations. Presenting with a tablet or iPad allows you to walk around, switch between apps, and often foster a more interactive sales presentation.

But beware, because tablets came on to the scene so quickly, too many salespeople are learning how to present on a mobile device through trial and error — a risky proposition when the stakes are high. Here are 5 must-know tips for delivering a mobile presentation on your iPad or tablet.

Use a stand

If you’re presenting directly on your tablet (for one or two people max) you need a stand. It’s physically impossible to hold a tablet perfectly still for more than a minute; every time you look up or shift position, your prospect will have to shift as well to see the screen. By the way, that flimsy folding stand you use at home? Not gonna cut it. Try something more substantial like Belkin’s FlipBlade Adjust ($30).

Disable sleep mode

I wish I could fall asleep as quickly as my iPad. Most tablets go to sleep if untouched for a few minutes. This can cause your audience to tune out as they wait for you to log back on. Turn off sleep mode on your iPad or tablet with the following steps:

  • iPad: General Settings > Auto Lock or Sleep > Choose Manual and enter a time period (or Never.)
  • Android tablets: Settings > Display > Screen timeout > Choose a time period
  • Windows: Settings > Power and Sleep > Adjust Sleep Settings

Turn off notifications

Don’t let a friend request from your college buddy’s ex-girlfriend’s brother disrupt the flow of your presentation. Disable those notifications to avoid unwanted distractions. While some tablets require you to disable notifications on an app by app basis, you can do it quickly in one place on your iPad under “Settings.”

Connect to a Projector

You’ll want to use a projector if you’re presenting to more than two people to avoid forcing your audience to jockey around for a decent view of your presentation. There are two basic ways to connect your tablet to a projector, 1) a VGA or HDMI adapter (all tablets) or 2) AirPlay (iPad). Here’s what you need to know:

  • VGA or HDMI: You can connect any tablet directly to the projector by using the right cable and the video port on your tablet. Be aware that not all tablets have the same video ports and they don’t necessarily match the input ports of all projectors. Find out the requirements of the projector you’ll be using and buy the appropriate adapter or cable to fit both your tablet model and the projector. You can pick up an adapter at Best Buy or Apple.
  • Airplay (iPad): Make sure you have an AirPlay-capable device plugged into the screen that you’ll be presenting on. AirPlay-capable devices include Apple TV, or a Mac or PC with AirServer. Once connected, go to Control Center on your iPad and select AirPlay device.

Use a Speaker:

Here’s a fun trick I learned firsthand: Get your audience pumped up about seeing a short video clip then…no sound. Fail! If your presentation has sound and you are connecting to a projector through a VGA port, you will need an external speaker to hear the audio. And if you’re using your HDMI port with an adaptor to a VGA connected projector, you will need to use a Bluetooth speaker.

For 4 more tips on delivering mobile presesntations, click here.

Does your team need help delivering compelling mobile presentations on their tablets?  Contact us about new workshops and resources!


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