June 5

The Selling On Video Master Class!


Feel like you’re not connecting with customers on video?  Unsure where to look or how to move?  Difficulty engaging your customers or expressing your personality when the camera’s on?

You’re not alone.  Speaking on-camera is not a natural skill.  And very few salespeople have any formal training on how to communicate effectively with customers on-camera.

That’s why I launched The Selling On Camera Master Class: to help sellers master the art & science of connecting with customers on-camera with techniques I learned as an actor transitioning from stage to screen!

Here’s a sample from the self-paced video course:

The Selling On Video Master Class was designed specifically to help you become a confident and compelling salesperson on video – one who customers will remember and choose to do business with.

You’ll Learn how to:

  • Create natural eye contact that builds relationships
  • Deliver your message with confidence and impact
  • Gesture and move within your “frame”
  • Read listener body language
  • Increase audience interaction and responsiveness
  • Transition between camera, notes and slides
  • Record engaging videos to send to prospects
  • Channel nerves into positive energy
  • And much more!

Your Selling On Video Master Class Includes:

The Master Class Video Series

10 videos with guided exercises to help you master the technique of selling on-camera.

Virtual Selling On Video Resource Guide and Tools

Cameras, lighting, background, microphones – the latest information on what you really need to look and sound your best on-camera, and where to find it!

+ Optional Video Call Evaluation and Coaching

Practice your skills with a professional and receive feedback and coaching on delivering your own virtual presentation, pitch, or story.   Plus, get a 20 point evaluation of your “virtual stage.”

Join me in the Selling On Video Master Class today!  *

*Starting at just $297!

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