July 14

Be a Video Sales Superstar with These 3 Acting Secrets


Video is fast becoming a salesperson’s secret weapon in the battle for attention of today’s busy buyers.  Whether it’s recorded videos for prospecting or a webcam for a remote meeting, using video in sales can help you quickly establish a personal connection, stand out from the competition, and close more deals. (see below)  So what in the world is holding you back from being a Video Sales Superstar?

 Research by Gong.io found that closed deals involved webcams being used 41% more often than lost deals.

For many salespeople, it’s the discomfort – or downright terror – of being on camera.  I get it.  Speaking to a camera is an unnatural act.  But here’s a secret:  many of those same actors that appear so natural and confident on film had to work to overcome their fear of the camera and master some specific techniques.  And if they can learn how, so can a smart cookie like yourself!

3 Acting Secrets to Overcome Your Fear and Become a Video Sales Superstar!

  1. Make Friends with the Camera

Perhaps you’ve heard people say of a great actor: “The camera loves him!” But cameras are indifferent. The truth is that great actors love the camera.  The camera communicates more than just how you look or the words you say.  It communicates how you feel.  And if you feel uncertain, frightened, or uncomfortable, the camera will pick that up – and so will your audience.  That means it’s important that you learn to love your camera – or at the very least, become friends with it.

How to make friends with the camera:

  • Create a safe, supportive environment.
  • Get comfortable with the camera in small steps.
  • Film yourself a minute each day having an impromptu conversation about anything with your camera.
  • Think of your camera as a close friend who is excited to hear whatever you have to say, or:
  • Imagine being interviewed by someone who is very interested in hearing what you do.

Just like any relationship, the more time you spend with your camera, the more comfortable you will get and the more natural you will appear.

  1. Let your unique personality shine

People buy from people, so show up as a real person on video!  It’s common for people to tamp down or flatten out their personalities once the camera goes on.  They stiffen up and go into what I call “presenter mode” – a flat, lifeless delivery that is instantly forgettable.  Censoring your personality eliminates valuable opportunities to engage and connect with your prospect.

How to project personality in video:

  • Connect to what you’re saying and why.  Let your face, your voice and your body react to positive and negative messages. If you don’t have any feelings about it, that’s what your audience will see.
  • Watch a video of yourself without the sound.  You should be able to tell from your facial expressions how you feel about something.
  • Nerves and multiple takes can flatten out your delivery.  Try shaking things up.  Get up and move around.  Rap or sing your script before your next take.  Have fun with it.  Video shouldn’t be painful.
  1. Less is more in Video

The camera notices and records every subtle facial expression or gesture. That means, big, quick or repetitive gestures and movements can distract or overwhelm your prospect.  Learning to do less, while keeping your energy up and focus sharp takes some practice, but it can be done if you learn the secret art of less is more.

 “Theater acting is an operation with a scalpel, movie acting is an operation with a laser.”  Michael Caine

How to master “Less is More”  

  • Know what your frame is and try to keep your movements within it.
  • Make slow, deliberate movements or gestures, and use them to emphasize a select key points.
  • Warning!  Objects appear closer than they are! If you have your hands in front of you they may appear hugely out of proportion.
  • Maintain intensity in your voice, but also think about drawing your viewer in by getting quieter, slowing down.  Variety is always effective.

Need some help Selling on Video? 

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