April 12

2 Acting Tips to Energize Your Virtual Meetings


Bring Instant Energy to Your Virtual Meetings

You’ve probably heard the camera adds ten pounds. But did you know the camera also takes away up to half of your energy on video? And sitting at home in your favorite chair going from virtual meeting to virtual meeting doesn’t help! Sales is a transfer of energy. If you don’t compensate for this natural energy loss, you will appear bored, disinterested, and passionless to your audience. And if you don’t seem interested in your solution, how can you expect your customer to be?! So the question is, how do you ramp yourself up to bring instant energy to your virtual meetings?   

Actors seem to always be “on” when in front of the camera? This isn’t just some lucky coincidence. Successful film and television actors simply follow a proven process to get into a peak performance state – and maintain it, sometimes for long twelve-hour-plus shoots!  You too can learn to create energy on demand and enjoy more engaging and successful virtual meetings by applying the following techniques. 

2 Ways to bring instant energy to your virtual meetings

1. The On-Camera Warm Up to Bring Instant Energy

Too many sellers and presenters waste those critical first few moments of a virtual meeting warming up on their audience. Actors know that it’s impossible to go from zero to one-hundred on the spot, so they spend some time warming up before the camera light goes on. A good warm-up can free up your expressive muscles, warm up your voice, release negative tension and raise your energy. And it doesn’t have to take long. You can access my 7-minute Virtual Sales Warm-up here.

Key Takeaway: If you’re not warming up before your meeting, you are warming up on your audience.

2. The “Over-the-Top” Rehearsal to Bring Instant Energy

One of the most effective techniques to get your energy up is also one of the most fun. The over-the-top rehearsal serves as a launching pad to find your peak performance state – and get their quickly time after time.

Here’s how it works: Before your meeting, take a few minutes of your presentation or pitch and deliver it with the most energy and excitement you can possibly muster. I mean, go way, way bigger than you would ever deliver it in real life. Then, immediately after this over-the-top version, try it again without artificially pushing yourself. If you’re like most people, you will find that your energy is nicely elevated – not too high/not too low – and you’re speaking with more personality and passion. Now you’re ready to enter the meeting!

Key Takeaway: Find your peak energy spot by pushing beyond your comfort zone and adjusting from there. 

If you still find your presentations or meetings lack energy, or you are getting stale or your words sound canned, flat, or monotone, you can access more tips here.

Don’t let a lack of energy stand between you and a sale. 

By following these proven techniques you can bring instant energy to your virtual meetings, which leads to greater engagement, more memorable meetings, and more positive outcomes! 

Perhaps you are ready to tap into more proven techniques for building personal relationships and driving sales on camera. If so, I’ve laid the path out for you in my new book that won the Gold Medal Top Sales book of 2021 , Look Me In the Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners and Teams. In it you’ll find all the steps and tactics you need to engage your audience.

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