April 19

How to Record a Prospect Video That Gets Watched

Video can be a powerful sales outreach tool — but only if the prospect watches it.

A great subject line may get your video opened, but a lackluster delivery or execution will get you quickly deleted. As the number of videos sent out by sellers has exploded, prospects have become more ruthless about what videos they choose to watch.  So “how do you record a prospect video that gets watched?” Keep reading to learn how to record a prospect video that gets watched!

There is no question that video can be a powerful sales outreach tool — but only if the prospect watches it.

Fortunately, Hollywood knows a thing or two about creating video content that people are willing to devote hundreds of hours a year or more watching.  Applying these industry tips to your prospecting videos may not win you an Oscar, but they can win you your prospect’s attention and convert more sales!

Hollywood tips for How to Record a prospect video that gets watched  

Pro Tip 1: Cut to the Chase

Filmmakers know that audiences have little patience for a long of build up. That’s why most films start with one of the most interesting parts of the story, like the car chase or the “meet-cute.” And this is why you should too! Unsolicited videos in particular need to be compelling right out of the gate. Cutting to the chase gives your prospect an immediate and compelling reason to watch – and stay watching. “The Chase” in your video might be a key issue, an insight, or unexpected value. Whatever it is, don’t bury it in the middle or save it for the end. If you do, your prospect will likely never see it! 

Learn more about cutting to the chase here

Pro Tip 2:  Crank up the Energy  

Many well-scripted and produced videos still get deleted in those first few seconds. Why? Even good scripts need good actors to bring the words to life for the audience – in those first few seconds. Unfortunately, most sellers don’t hit their stride until 10-20 seconds into the recording. This is much too late. Like an actor, you need to be at peak performance before that recording light goes on. This requires a good pre-video warm-up, which should include getting rid of tension and elevating your energy beyond your comfort zone. For a quick shot of adrenalin before your next video, try this “over-the-top” rehearsal technique.

Pro Tip 3: Get Personal

Research shows that personalized video content improves your results, which makes sense. After all, video is a very personal medium. But if you deliver personalized content in a generic manner – as if you were talking to a stranger – you have defeated the purpose and depersonalized the entire experience for your prospect.

Truly personalized video is the ability to make your prospect feel like you are talking just to them. Even though you can’t see them. This is what actors train to do, and so can you. It starts by imagining you can actually see this specific person through your camera lens as if you are in an actual face-to-face conversation. This powerful technique makes your focus is much tighter, your gaze and tone more intimate, and your body language less presentational. And your prospect will feel the difference. Learning to speak to a camera in a way that makes your prospect feel like you are sitting right across from this is a process.  And I break it down for you in my “how-to on everything video” book, Look Me In the Eye. 

Pro Tip 4:  Lose the script

Have you been on a video call where the other person is obviously reading from a script? Eyes moving across the screen from left to right, a wooden delivery, odd sentence breaks, and little if any natural inflection. Prospects can’t turn those videos off quick enough!

There’s a reason why actors have their lines memorized before they get in front of the camera.

It’s difficult to connect with your audience if you’re fumbling for lines. But the good news is you don’t have to memorize your script word for word to record a prospect video that gets watched. Memorize these three areas for a short two-minute video and you will have it made: 

  1. Your first line. In those first few second your prospect is deciding whether to stay or go, so don’t leave your first line to chance. Nailing your first line starts you off strong and gives you the confidence to carry you until your preparation naturally kicks in. 
  2. Key point(s).  What do you want your prospect to remember? Make sure you know them and can state them clearly and succinctly.  Associating a movement or gesture with your key point(s) can also help commit these to memory. 
  3. Know your last line. I’ve seen people blow perfectly good videos because they weren’t certain where to stop.  Know your ending (often a call to action or key point). And for added impact, hold your eye contact with the camera for a few beats before you stop recording. 

Lights, Camera, Prospecting!

Turn your team’s video outreach into a lead-generating powerhouse with our Amazing Video Outreach course.  You’ll learn how to apply professional on-camera techniques to record more videos that get watched – more efficiently! 





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