December 2

Energize Your Virtual Presentation with This Proven Acting Technique

It’s time to energize your virtual presentation! When presenting on video, salespeople rarely speak with as much personality or energy as they would naturally use in their personal lives – we tend to tone things down, flatten them out, or pull them in when sitting in front of a screen.

Now selling from home, it is easier than ever before to get too relaxed and comfortable on video sales call. Trust me – I know that the idea of giving a virtual presentation from the comfort of your favorite recliner is very tempting but getting too comfortable comes across as low energy and disinterest to your customers.

You’ve probably heard the saying that the camera adds 10 pounds. Though it’s often forgotten what the camera can take away – energy! Without careful practice and attention, the camera can take away 10-50% of your energy. And your Lazy Boy isn’t helping.

So how can you bring the appropriate amount of energy and passion to your virtual presentations and calls to keep your customers engaged?! Let’s take things up a notch with this larger-than-life acting technique.

Get energized with this proven acting technique:

It’s called Going Over-the-Top – a technique that actors often use before a taping or live performance in order to amp up their energy so that their passion and personality can truly shine. And it works just the same for salespeople!

It’s time to channel your inner Al Pacino

Al Pacino is known for going big in his roles – and when I say big, I mean BIG. Whether in Scarface, Serpico, or The Godfather, Pacino doesn’t hold back! In his later years, some might even say, a little too big. While it has not won him many awards of note, he perfectly demonstrates a foolproof rehearsal technique to use when prepping for your video presentation or call. Measure yourself against the energy that Al Pacino brings to the screen. His is the level of gusto you want to shoot for!

Going Over-the-Top: How to kick it up a notch

Let’s keep it simple – when using this acting technique to prepare for your next video sales call, consider these helpful tips and tricks:

  • Read your presentation notes or scripted material with as much excitement and energy as you can muster! When you feel like you’ve reached your limit, push yourself even further. Really go over-the-top! (Think melodrama)
  • When reading your material out loud, emphasize every other word.
  • Bring your body into it by gesturing dramatically.
  • Throw your voice and try different ranges.
  • Most importantly, have some fun with it!

(By the way, if you are one of the lucky few who is always percolating at a near-boil, please disregard!)

I know what you’re thinking – that you might blow a client right out of their chair by using this technique! Don’t worry. You are not going to actually do this when dialed into a call. This is a rehearsal technique. Going over-the-top simply serves as a launch point for your video presentations. Immediately following an over-the-top read, go through your presentation once more, only this time in your natural (indoor) voice. Most salespeople find that their delivery is much more energized without being phony.

Don’t let a lack of energy stand between you and a sale.  It’s time that you go over-the-top and get up out of that Lazy Boy!

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