August 24

Nail Your Sales Pitch: The 15-Second Secret!


Nail Your Sales Pitch: The 15-Second Secret!

Imagine this: you’re an actor trying out for a role, and your audition video has just 15 seconds to hook the casting director. Sound intense? Well, that’s the reality actors face today. But here’s the twist – this scenario isn’t just for Hollywood hopefuls. If you want to nail your sales pitch, the 15-Second Secret applies to you, too! 

“We have to fall in love with you within the first 15 seconds,” says a highly-respected casting director. It’s that spark, that immediate connection that prompts the thought, “I’m intrigued, let’s see what they have to offer.”

This sentiment resonates far beyond the world of auditions. Casting directors, like buyers, are swamped with deadlines and a deluge of contenders vying for their attention. In a matter of moments, they have to quickly decide who advances and who fades into obscurity. 

A Crucial Mistake

Most sellers spend the first few seconds of their pitch warming up on their audience, not really hitting their “sweet spot” until 15-30 seconds in.  But that’s too late.  If you save your best for last in a virtual world, your buyer will never see it! They’ll hit the delete button or tune you out before you have a chance to really shine.

How To Make a Prospect Fall in Love With You in 15 Seconds

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?  Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Within 15 seconds, buyers determine if you are credible, confident, likable – and worth listening to. Research shows that these First Impressions are heavily based on nonverbal signals. Master your nonverbal signals, master your first impression. In other words, your Virtual Presence holds the key to how your buyer perceives you, and whether they give you a chance or not.

Develop Your Virtual Presence!

Leverage the 15 Second Secret in your favor!  Check out the Virtual Presence for Sales Pros Program and learn how to stand out from the competition and quickly – and credibly – connect with prospects in virtual meetings. 

And if you do video outreach, check out our new Amazing Video Outreach course to get your videos watched – and acted upon!


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