December 28

Reader’s Choice: Top 7 Blog Posts of 2015


The tribe has spoken!  From presentation winners and losers at the Oscars to how to make your presentation “sticky”, these are my 7 most popular blog posts from 2015, according to readers.  Did your favorite make the list?

  1. How to Break the Fourth Wall – and Keep Prospects on the Edge of their Seats.

    Maybe it’s the popularity of House of Cards, or maybe it’s because this is such a cool technique, but this article soared to the top or the “must read” list.  Check it out to find out how to create an engaged audience in your presentation or demo.

  2. How to Make Your Presentation Sticky.Blank sticky notes on a rope

    It’s rare that a presentation ends in a signed contract, so it’s critical that you make it easy for your prospect to remember your value proposition when decisions are made. This post includes 6 ways to make your presentation more “sticky.”

  3. The Verdict is In: The Opening of your Presentation Influences Your Sale.

    Bad news for those who start slow: First impressions equal last impressions. Understanding the importance of your opening and the four things you need to do to make sure it’s a home run can set you up for success.

  4. Sales lessons from the Oscars.lupita oscars

    My annual review of the Oscars as a collection of mini-presentations from celebrities like Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt made the cut into the top 7. Find out which celeb really connected with the audience. Who surprised us. And who looked like they prepared in the bathroom just minutes before they walked on stage.

  5. 5 Things you Must Do in Your Discovery Process.

    Sure, you need to find out information that will help you align your message with your prospect’s goals, but do you know the REAL benefit of doing a good discovery…and how to leverage it to gain a competitive advantage?

  6. 7 Small Changes That Have a Big Impact on Your Frog Prince ConceptPresentation.

    Know your presentation needs an overhaul, but you only have time to make a few changes? Get the maximum bang for your buck by putting these quick changes at the top of your to-do list.

  7. 3 Questions Your Sales Presentation Must Answer.

    Too many sales presentations answer the wrong question. Knowing which question your presentation addresses will help you structure an on-point presentation every time.


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A Warning From my AI Sales Avatar

A Warning From my AI Sales Avatar
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