January 5

Top 10 Video Mistakes Salespeople Made in 2020 (and Avoiding Them in 2021)

2020 may go down as the year where you said “Zoom” or “You’re on mute” more times than you ever dreamed possible!

While the physical adjustments required to go from selling face-to-face to video seemed simple enough (standing vs. sitting, a wave vs. a handshake, a screen instead of a live face) based on the results, the transition went anything but smoothly for most people!

The truth is, speaking to a camera is not simple or natural.  That’s why I created the Selling On-Video Master Class – and have a new book coming out in 2021 with everything you need to know about connecting with customers on video and closing more business!

Stay tuned, and make sure you’re not bringing bad habits into 2021 with this list of the Top 10 video mistakes – and how to avoid them.

Top 10 Video Mistakes Salespeople Made in 2020 :

  1. Not looking at the camera at all – or enough (Video: How to make eye contact on video) 
  2. Bad framing: (Tip: go for a medium close-up: Chest/shoulders in view)
  3. Sitting on their hands or gesturing wildly (Blog: What  do I do with my hands on video?)
  4. Using virtual backgrounds (Blog: Virtual vs. real backgrounds)
  5. Starting with slides (Tip: Always start full camera to establish a stronger connection!
  6. Bad lighting: (Video: How to find the best lighting for your video call)
  7. RBF:  Resting Business Face: (Video: Smile: Your video superpower)
  8. Talking too fast/not pausing: (Blog: Why sellers can’t stop talking on video)
  9. Confusing being natural with being comfortable: (Blog: Energize your virtual presentation)
  10. Taking advice from someone who hasn’t worked in front of a camera! As a professional actor who’s performed in over 50 commercials and television shows, it pains me to see sellers misled by myths and “tips” passed on by those who have never worked professionally on-camera! In doubt about what to do? Check it out and contact me here.

FYI:  If your resolution is to be more successful selling on video in 2021, stay tuned – and check out my Selling On-Video Master Class to help you connect and sell on video with confidence, credibility and impact!,

Want more help Selling on Video? 

*For improving your confidence, credibility, and connection with customers on video, check out the self-paced Selling On Video Master Class.

*For workshops, keynotes, and events, get in touch with us here.

If you are ready to tap into the power of building personal virtual relationships through the screen, I’ve laid the path out for you in my new book that won the 2021 Gold Medal Top Sales Book, Look Me In the Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners and Teams. In it you’ll find all the steps and tactics you need to engage your audience.

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