December 29

Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of 2016


You voted with your mouse on what sales issues mattered to you this year, so in case you missed them or want to re-read, here are your favorite Top 10 Sales Blog Posts from 2016!

P.S. Be sure and read to the end of this post for an opportunity to jump start your sales success in  2017.

  1. 10 Quick Tips for a Winning Sales Presentation:  You have to think differently today to keep busy audiences engaged.  Here are 10 quick tips to start you on your way!

2.  5 Must Know Tips for Presenting with your i-Pad or Tablet:  i-Pads and tablets came on the scene so quickly, most salespeople haven’t learned any best practices for using them in a presentation!  Fill that knowledge gap here.

3.  5 Reasons to Tell a Story in your Sales Presentation:  Stories can be very effective in sales if you tell them for the right reason. Here are 5 compelling reasons and places to tell a story in your presentation or demo.

4.  What To Do When your Prospect is Short on Time:  “Sorry, I’ve only got a few minutes. Can you just give me a quick overview?” 3 Ways to maximize your message on the fly.

5.  3 Ways to Highlight Your Value Proposition in Your Presentation:  Value deserves special attention in several sections of your presentation or demo, however it is often gets lost in the execution. Here are 3 ways to makes sure your value proposition sticks long after you’re gone.

6.  4 Personality Types that can Derail Your Presentation:  Endless inquisitors, would-be comedians, late arrivals.  How you handle these audience personalities can determine whether your presentation goes hopelessly off track, or stays the course.

 7.  Seven Presentation Myths – BUSTED!:  Find out which presentation myths are simply urban legends that can impact your success and damage your credibility!

8.  How to Give a Great On-Line Presentation:  Keeping your audience engaged virtually is a growing challenge.  And one you must  master to be successful today.  5 tips for increasing audience engagement.

9.  The 10 Rules of Good Slide Deck Design:  A good slide deck is the price of entry in a presentation today.  Fortunately, you don’t need to be an art major to create a good deck if you follow these simple best practices.

10.  How to Use a Presentation Theme…and Avoid Going Theme Park!:  A Theme can be a powerful unifying tool – when used properly.  Find out how and when to use a theme and how to get your creative juices started!

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